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Letters: Robert Shea and Greg Hill: ‘We are definitely dealing with volatile materials.’

Several posts ago, we presented a letter from Robert Shea to Discordian co-founder Greg Hill concerning the Illuminatus! book cover art proofs that proved quite interesting with some great background insights into that effort before the release of the book. … Continue reading

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Modern Day Discordian Ephemera

I just received some Discordian Ephemera from my favorite groupie, Grimalkin. Fun stuff which I post here for posterity, including a smiling Eye in the Triangle pocket patch which I promise to find some practical use for.

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Week 5 of the Illuminatus! Group Reading

Here’s my thoughts on Week 5 of the Illuminatus! group reading… On Page 45, a haunting specter from Kerry Thornley’s past is summoned in this passage: (Back at the Grassy Knoll, Howard Hunt’s picture is being snapped and will later … Continue reading

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The Battle Hymn of the Eristocracy

Over at twitter Daisy Eris Campbell tweets: A rousing Discordian song needed, I feel. Composed entirely of Illuminatus + Discordian quotes. Please send your faves. #cosmictriggerplay — Daisy Eris (@DaisyEris) March 25, 2014 This reminded me of what was perhaps … Continue reading

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A Letter From RAW To Lady L

Those Early Discordians were always sending humorous letters to one another, such as this little ditty from Mord Mal (short for Mordecai Malignatus aka RAW) to Lady L (aka Louise Lacey) sometime during the early-70s. When I asked Louise permission … Continue reading

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RAW and Stang Discuss Discordianism on the Hour of Slack

Fellow HD staff member Floyd Anderson just recently posted to Vimeo an Hour of Slack interview the Honorable Rev. Ivan Stang conducted with RAW in 1987. In said interview, Stang notes that “…Kerry Thornley was a famous SubGenius.” It … Continue reading

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VIDEO: Kerry Thornley Discusses Zenarchy And Illuminati Lady

In the following video snippet taken from Rev. Wyrdsli’s 1992 interview, Kerry Thornley discusses Zenarchy and the poem “Illuminati Lady,” which Robert Anton Wilson and Robert Shea described in Illuminatus! as “an endless epic poem which you really ought to … Continue reading

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Before Moving On To Week 4… A Little More On the Week 2 Illuminatus! Reading

As RAW mentioned on numerous occasions, Illuminatus! was an exercise of mixing fact with fiction, and in particular the many conspiracy theories presented willy-nilly in the book. Years after its publication, RAW admitted that even he was unclear as to … Continue reading

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Letter: Robert Shea shares the Illuminatus! Cover Artwork Proofs with Greg Hill

One of my favorite finds in the Discordian Archives is this letter from Robert Shea to Greg Hill sent the summer before the release of Illuminatus!. The letter includes some great Erisian Mysteries insights. Such as Shea’s back-story on how … Continue reading

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Discordian Works [Citation Needed].

I’m going to get up on my soapbox to try and address one of the most serious and pressing issues of our modern age. The Wikipedia page on Discordian Works is a joke. I don’t have the time and inclination … Continue reading

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