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An Illuminating Day With Robert Anton Wilson

In 1976, pioneering underground newspaper the Berkeley Barb published the below article on a then 44-year-old Robert Anton Wilson written by Ray Ramsay. The article posted below contains some interesting history on the writing and publication of The Illuminatus! Trilogy. … Continue reading

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And Now Available with NEW & IMPROVED FNORDS!


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More On The Kabouters, Operation Mindfuck and the Lemuel P. Grant Influence Lodge

When researching the roots of Discordianism, I’ve found that one rabbit hole inevitably leads down another and so it’s best to just keep on burrowing. Such is the case of our last post about an article on the Kabouters that … Continue reading

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The Kabouters Meet Discordianism?

Recently, El Sjaako inquired if there was any evidence that Mal-2 had contact with the Kabouters. Here’s how Wikipedia describes the Kabouters: Kabouters were a Dutch anarchist group in the 1970s. It was founded by Roel van Duyn and one … Continue reading

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The Difference Between the Church of the SubGenius and Discordianism

While wading through the Discordian Archives the other day, I came across a hand-written note by Greg Hill commenting on the difference between Discordianism and the Church of the SubGenius. Sayeth The Polyfather: “The SubGenius is more DADA, while Discordianism … Continue reading

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The Church of the Laughing Christ

For your general amusement, here are a couple of rough sketches Greg Hill produced inspired by a Discordian Cabal that Kerry Thornley cooked up called the Church of the Laughing Christ.

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Yesterday’s Synchronicity

Yesterday I was reviewing a list of potential posts for Historia Discordia, one of which is a piece I wrote on Robert Anton Wilson’s passing back in 2007. So I got to wondering what day RAW died, and thought it … Continue reading

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More on the 1978 Seattle stage production of Illuminatus!

In a recent Historia Discordia post we mentioned the London stage production of Ken Campbell and Chris Langham’s famed Illuminatus! as well as the duo’s lesser known Seattle production. Shortly afterwards, visual artist, psychedelic chronicler and all around multimedia magus … Continue reading

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Greg Hill’s Discordian Newsletter: The Greater Poop

From the late-60s through the early-70s, Greg Hill published a newsletter called The Greater Poop aka The Greater Metropolitan Yorba Linda Herald-News-Sun-Tribune-Journal-Dispatch-Post and San Francisco Discordian Society Bulletin and Intergalactic Report & Pope Poop, a networking tool of sorts where … Continue reading

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The CalHi Pranksters

In The Prankster and the Conspiracy, Kerry Thornley’s high school friend, Sylvia Bortin, recalled an infamous hoax which occurred in Drama Class at CalHi (Whittier, California). Apparently the perpetrators — Kerry, Greg Hill and other unnamed cohorts — made a … Continue reading

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