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March Eris of the Month 2018: Dwarf Planet Eris with Moon Dysnomia

March Eris of the of the Month 2018: Dwarf Planet Eris and her moon Dysnomia.

This month’s entry for Eris of the Month is the solar system’s largest Dwarf Planet, Eris, “holding” its moon Dysnomia (daughter of Eris) as the Apple of Discord.

This amazing composite photo courtesy of NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope and the Keck Observatory telescopes in Hawaii taken during August 2006.

In space, no one can see the fnords.

Also, check out this previous post about Dwarf Planet Eris wherein Early Discordian Louise Lacy writes a letter to Eris’ discoverer, astronomer Michael E. Brown, in an attempt to lure him into Discordianism and most likely the Region of Thud.

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5 Years Ago: Brenton Clutterbuck visits the Discordian Archives

Brenton Clutterbuck of the worldwide Chasing Eris project quest poses with the original Paste-Up Discordia (PUD) cover page.

Five years ago (Hail, Eris! for the Law of Fives!) Brenton Clutterbuck began his mission to visit and interview Discordians around the world for his soon to be released book Chasing Eris.

Here are a few pics and clips of Clutterbuck, a Discordian Archives contributor, visiting the Discordian Archives West and the Discordian Archives East during his 2013 travels.

First up, Clutterbuck films Adam Gorightly explaining all the confusion surrounding the history of the First Edition of the Principia Discordia, at the home of Louise Lacey in Berkeley, California.

After leaving the Left Coast, Clutterbuck found himself in the most conservative Republican county in the United States, Cobb County, Georgia, where he got a good, hard look at the Discordian Archives East. Here are a few pics of his visit:

Clutterbuck enthralled by source materials of the Discordian Archives East, March 2013.
Surrounded by Chaos!