Partners in KAOS

KAOS Reigns!

Some like-and-not-like-minded endeavors all Discordians, Illuminati Members, and other Strange Types should be
aware of and most certainly wary of:

Pro-Discordian blog with an emphasis on RAW.

Tom Jackson’s excellent Robert Anton Wilson site.

The official website of his Holiness.

Robert Shea’s homepage maintained by his son, Michael E. Shea.

Feejee Press: Forbidden, Forsaken, and Forgotten Knowledge

Brenton Clutterbuck’s Chasing Eris Project

Kerry Thornley’s Zenarchy courtesy of our stoner friends at

RAW’s Cosmic Trigger – The Play by Daisy Eris Campbell

Lunatic Pope Press: On Buying and Owning Physical Ink on Paper Discordian Holy Books

The Unofficially Official Site of Kerry Thornley

Cramulus: An Illustrated Guide To Strange Times

Dr. Jon Swabey’s historic treatise! (PDF)

Blog of Sirius Mazzu, the Argentinean who translated The Illuminatus! Trilogy among other Discordian endeavors.

Blog of JMR Higgs, author of a fine bio on Timothy Leary, not to mention the KLF story.

Impropaganda’s Kerry Thornley page.

Discordia Culture Shop

Excerpt from Essi Mäkelä’s Discordian Doctoral Thesis

23 Apples

Making the Donkey Visible: Discordianism in the Works of Robert Anton Wilson

El Sjaako’s Abnormail

Steve Pratt’s RAW 360

St. Mae’s

Cult of Nick

Discordian Date Converter and Calendar

Third Eye Activation Portal

Illuminati Online

The Emperor’s Bridge Campaign to honor the life
+ advance the legacy of Emperor Norton