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Standing in the Shade of Love By Brenton Clutterbuck

The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author, although the command staff here at Historia Discordia has no reason to doubt the central thesis presented herein, based–as it is–on evidentiary documentation referenced by Mr. Clutterbuck, not … Continue reading

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October 2016 Eris of the Month: ‘Eris Discordia’ by ff

Spotted over on the SubGenius Wikia Clench. Send us your Eris of the Month Club submissions (more info here) by using the form at the bottom of The MGT. page.

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A Discordian Directory

Reason Magazine’s Jesse Walker, author of The United States of Paranoia: A Conspiracy Theory—which delves a bit into Discordian History and the Bavarian Illuminati—just gave me a heads up about A Discordian Directory #24, a zine published circa late 1980s … Continue reading

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Recent RAW Videos from Historia Discordia Staff

Historia Discordia’s video maven Floyd Anderson has upped some rare viddy interviews of Robert Anton Wilson. Behold and enjoy and let us know what you thunk! Robert Anton Wilson on Anarchism   Art Bell Interviews Robert Anton Wilson 7/17/1997   … Continue reading

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RAW and Stang Discuss Discordianism on the Hour of Slack

Fellow HD staff member Floyd Anderson just recently posted to Vimeo an Hour of Slack interview the Honorable Rev. Ivan Stang conducted with RAW in 1987. In said interview, Stang notes that “…Kerry Thornley was a famous SubGenius.” It … Continue reading

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The Difference Between the Church of the SubGenius and Discordianism

While wading through the Discordian Archives the other day, I came across a hand-written note by Greg Hill commenting on the difference between Discordianism and the Church of the SubGenius. Sayeth The Polyfather: “The SubGenius is more DADA, while Discordianism … Continue reading

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