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Greg Hill Gets Letters! (Part 00009)

Roldo in the early-80s sporting a Sacred Chao button.
In the early-80s, Kerry Thornley began corresponding with Canadian artist Roldo Odlor, which led to a number of collaborative projects between the two, including illustrations for Kerry’s irregular broadsheet, Spare Change.

Kerry put Roldo in touch with Greg Hill, which began a correspondence between the two with the prospect of collaborating on Discordian related projects.

These letters consisted of a number of rough sketches by Roldo, along with collaboration ideas, including small talk and various projects Roldo was working on during this period.

May 1983 issue of Kerry Thornley's Spare Change.

1980s Letter: Roldo to Greg Hill, House of the Rising Son of Eris.

In the above letter, Greg Hill cut out a section from the lower-left corner, which appears to have been an illustration I’ve dubbed the “Keep On Truckin’ Sacred Chao.” Afterwards, Hill utilized this Keep On Truckin’ Sacred Chao (KOTSC) as a paste-up for correspondence and collages. For example, Hill used the KOTSC in the letter below to Thornley where he sang the praises of Roldo: “I’m getting a real rapport with this guy. He is drawing pictures that I never knew how to draw. And he sees somethings like I see. This is exciting. I like Roldo…”

May 31, 1983 letter from Greg Hill to Kerry Thornley about Roldo.

In the letter below, Roldo provided some rough sketches of Greg Hill’s various Discordian personas: Professor Ignotius, Rev. Dr. Occupant and Mad Malik.

Sketches by Roldo of Greg Hill's Discordian personas.
Roldo’s rough sketches of Malaclypse the Elder.

Perhaps Roldo’s most famous Discordian related work is The Great Seal which features a slew of Discordian-Illuminati references and images.

Roldo’s Great Seal of Eris.

This artwork was later incorporated in the cover design of Historia Discordia: The Origins of the Discordian Society.

How awesome is that? This awesome:

Roldo with a copy of Historia Discordia.

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