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Re-Release of the Illuminatus! Comic

I recently received this announcement from Mark Philip Steele:

“Good news, folks, the ILLUMINATUS! comic I published back in 1987 is now in e-comic format, including text commentary. It’s a zip file available for download, and may end up at other sites in other formats. If you’re interested, download the comic and contact me about it. Some of the comments MAY be posted in further editions. There was one self-published issue, then 3 with Rip Off Press, and an unpublished 4th issue. Plans are for us to release one a month from now till we’re done.”

Mark was gracious enough to let us post the first installment (PDF) of the series here at Historia Discordia. —Adam Gorightly

July 1987 premier issue of the Eye-N-Apple Productions ILLUMINATUS! comic. (PDF)

Download PDF

4 replies on “Re-Release of the Illuminatus! Comic”

Thanks for this, I appreciate it. The release of subsequent issues was delayed due to a development project that I can’t get into yet that I was offered in May, but isn’t done.

Also, in 2017 it will be 30 years since the publication of the comic available here, and 10 since RAW’s passage into the west in the small boat. So that gives us just over a year for a particular project I’ve had in mind the last 6 years honoring the 2 Bobs and Illuminatus!

I won’t be able to do it by myself, and it’s not really an OM thing, but something I think will be good for them and their meme-0ries. More later.

Blessed be and Kallisti!

Mark Philip Steele, AKA ICARUS!

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