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December Eris of the Month 2017: Eris Xmas by PixalTrix

Check out PixalTrix’s DeviantArt page, Naughty X-mas Eris. Happy Holydays! Send us your Eris of the Month Club submissions (more info here) by using the form at the bottom of The MGT. page.

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Ave Eris, Gratia Plena: The Pasts of Discordian Christmas

Discordianism is well-known to tolerate the traditional holidays and holydays of other delusional systems of belief and Christmas is no exception. To demonstrate, here are some festive reason-for-the-season articles from the Discordian Archives about the pasts of Discordian Christmas. Bless … Continue reading

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Love is Alive and Well: The Stan Jamison Files

Among the more prodigious correspondents of the 1970s Discordian letter writing circle was a fellow named Stan Jamison (aka Coman Ra – Lt. Colonel, Commanding 1st Intergalactic Confederacy Advance Detail—Planet Shan) who was a rather enigmatic sort in that he … Continue reading

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A Preview of RAW Day Videos!

‘ Teaser for more videos and interviews to come from the RAW Day July 23, 2017 extravaganza.

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