Join the Eris of the Month Club Today — If Not Sooner!

July 2014 Eris of the Month
by Michele Witchipoo.
Click to Embiggen.

For many years on my Untamed Dimensions blog, I featured a Devil Girl of the Month.

But after forsaking Eris and giving Christianity another whack, I stopped promoting Devil Gals and now spend most of my time posting Christian album covers, although I sometimes backslide and find myself posting pics of crazy Bongo Broads, of whom I also have a great fondness.

In the spirit of crazy bongo broads, devil girls and kooky Christian album covers, we present to you now a new feature here at called

Eris of the Month

where we’ll post a pic of Eris, yes, you guessed it, on the 23rdish of each month!

We launch the inaugural edition of the Eris of the Month with a contribution from HD staff member Michele Witchipoo—but then after that it’ll be up to you, dear readers, to keep the Golden Apple rolling.

In other words, we’ll need your submissions to keep the Eris of the Month Club alive.

So don’t delay!

Send your submissions by using the form at the bottom of The MGT. page.

Please obtain permissions and provide credit to the artists featured in your submissions.

Photos of Eris are acceptable, as well. Provided she is holding a Golden Apple. (‘Kallisti’ optional.)

Goddess speed to you!

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5 Responses to Join the Eris of the Month Club Today — If Not Sooner!

  1. Lob Instagon says:

    thought I would share .. here is a song by Instagon called Eris.

  2. victoriagrimalkin says:

    If this Captcha doesn’t work, I am resigning my Popeship. Otherwise, I wish to join the Eris of the Month club. (I used to belong to the “Clean Your Plate Club” when I was a kid, but eating everything is no longer an issue).

  3. Marques says:

    The image could not be displayed, because it contains Eris

  4. Marques says:

    you can NOT force someone to be a Pope against their will.
    That practise is now called “Pape” and is one of the Five Crimes of Confusion.
    Violators will perhaps be scoffed at. Also, that’s what the Vatican Illuminati
    DID to Pietro di Morrone, also known as Peter Morrone, also known as Moron Pete,
    also known as Celestine V, the Pope who was Pope briefest before Benny the Dick.

    Morrone was trying to die as a pious old monk. But the Illuminati wanted to control the Vatican for their boring Caligula parties. They sent envoys to bully the old monk. He rejected Papacy, so they whined and appealed to his Ego.

    They got the better of him and made him Pope in a relatively quick time. One record describes the scene that followed as one of “tragic mummery,” as the sincere old man found out that he was meant to be a figurehead by the Italian Illuminists, who had Caligula parties with, we can probably conjecture or assume, the obligatory Bunga-Bunga.

    When Moron Pete realised what a moron he had suspected he was being used as, he resigned the papacy. Time of pontificate: 8 weeks. Then he died of old age.

    The ethic of the polemic? Don’t force someone to be Pope. That’s Pape. Of course, you can go pape yourself. Don’t forget to use paper…


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