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The Early Discordians: Dr. Robert Newport

I’ve often expressed my respect and admiration for Dr. Robert Newport (even though he sometimes calls me Bruce) who has been a huge part of the Discordian Archives project, and without whom it never would have happened. Known in the … Continue reading

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Kerry Thornley: 1992 Full Interview with Rev. Wyrdsli at A Cappella Books

Here’s the complete 1992 Kerry Thornley interview conducted by Rev. Wyrdsli, clips from which we’ve been sharing here at Historia Discordia over the last several months. Enjoy!

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OFFICIAL BUSINESS: Reviews, News, and Interviews

  With the recent release of Historia Discordia, the first book of several from the Erisian materials preserved in the Discordian Archives, multi-instances of unauthorized Discordian activity have been observed. Each and every fnord has been inappropriately cataloged for future … Continue reading

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Synchronicity of the Day: Arlen Wilson

Yesterday posted an interview with your humble author talking about RAW and other subjects. In the interview I mentioned Arlen Wilson—who I’ve heard was as brilliant as RAW, and was a large influence on his thinking—and lo and synchro-mystically … Continue reading

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The Passing of Empress Norton

As a follow up to young Clutterbuck’s post on Emperor Norton, I wanted to mention that last spring, St. Mae of treated my wife and I to a tour of the fabled grave site of the Emperor, which is … Continue reading

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Join the Eris of the Month Club Today — If Not Sooner!

For many years on my Untamed Dimensions blog, I featured a Devil Girl of the Month. But after forsaking Eris and giving Christianity another whack, I stopped promoting Devil Gals and now spend most of my time posting Christian album … Continue reading

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Chasing Eris: Emperor Norton, Discordian Saint

The following article is yet another draft excerpt from my forthcoming book Chasing Eris. The book documents my worldwide adventure to experience modern Discordian culture, meet its personalities, and discover elusive Erisian mysteries. —Brenton Clutterbuck   One of the Saints … Continue reading

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Daisy Eris Campbell: Letter from RAW to Ken Campbell

The letter with which my dad received his copy of Cosmic Trigger from Bob himself — Daisy Eris (@DaisyEris) July 15, 2014

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And now for something completely fnord…

Historia Discordia staff member and video gurumph Floyd Anderson has released a new viddy-ditty that we thought would be of fnording interest to sombunall trouble-making Erisianoids. Enjoy if you dare! 9/11: A Mega Fnord from Floyd Anderson on Vimeo. “With … Continue reading

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Adam Gorightly interviewed on The Opperman Report

Ed Opperman interviews Adam Gorightly about his lastest book, Historia Discordia: The Origins of the Discordian Society, and all kinds of other odd and fun High Weirdness. Hail Eris!

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