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And now for something completely fnord…

Historia Discordia staff member and video gurumph Floyd Anderson has released a new viddy-ditty that we thought would be of fnording interest to sombunall trouble-making Erisianoids.

Enjoy if you dare!

9/11: A Mega Fnord from Floyd Anderson on Vimeo.

“With this video I had in mind the Sacred Chao and what the reaction to 9/11 did, imposing more order upon society and at the same time being the trigger for a great awakening.
Floyd Anderson


2 replies on “And now for something completely fnord…”

Hail Eris! Thanks for posting Groucho!!

I send this offering out with slack and fnord to all Sombunall Erisianoids, Discordian Popes & Popesses, SubGenius Ministers, Synchromystic Sync Heads and Illuminatus Trilogies.

All Hail Discordia!

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