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June 2015 Eris of the Month: Eris Apple with Rainbow Eye by Palimpsest the Pointillist

Send us your Eris of the Month Club submissions (more info here) by using the form at the bottom of The MGT. page. Hail Eris! All Hail Discordia!

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The Brunswick Shrine Has Gone Dark!

THE PROFITCIES WERE SOLD! THE SIGNS WERE SEEN! GREYFACE HAS COME! Sad news, my fellow Discordians. The Brunswick Shrine has gone dark! The announcement came through the following news reports detailing the end of an era, the closure of the … Continue reading

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Greg Hill Gets Letters (Part 00007) #orgybutter

A letter to Dr. Iggy (aka Greg Hill) dated September 1970 from Mrs. Elio (whoever she may be) from Scheneetady, New York thanking Greg “for the chicken shit” and enclosing a “stamp and $1 for Principia. If no Principias left, … Continue reading

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VIDEO: Discordianism — The Chaos Religion of Kerry Thornley

Here’s a snippet of an interview of Adam Gorightly discussing Kerry Thornley with Michael Parker on his show Antidote available on the LipTV.   For those with the time (about 40 minutes) and the interest, here’s the Full Interview entitled … Continue reading

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