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February Eris of the Month 2018: DC Comics Ares (not Eris) of New Earth

February Eris of the Month 2018:
DC Comics Ares from Wonder Woman.

CORRECTION: Some quick sloppy Internet research (is there any other kind?) by me got this Eris of the Month a little muddled. The above image is not of Eris, but Ares, God of War, brother to Eris. And from a different comic and timeline. Are we good or what? But we’ll keep it just the same. Story below has been updated with some interesting Erisian Mysteries. Caution as always with this knowledge for as it is commanded in the Pentabarf in the Principia Discordia, “A Discordian is Prohibited of Believing what he reads.” All errors were mine and I own them. Mine, mine, mine!
–The MGT.

First appearance of Eris in Wonder Woman Vol 1 #183, Page 00005.
The first appearance of Eris in DC Comics was in Wonder Woman Vol. 1 #183 (August, 1969), and in accordance with the Law of Fives, on Page 00005. All this takes place in the New Earth timeline.

Praise be to Our Lady of Discord, figuring out comic book universe timelines is all very confusing.

As I was trying to unmuddle this murky mess, Adam remembered seeing a copy of Wonder Woman Vol. 1 #183 in the Discordian Archives and upon review discovered some notes that Greg Hill had affixed to Page 00021 of the comic. The cypher at the top is the two Zwack Cyphers for classified Discordian communications as revealed on Page 00074 of the Principia Discordia. It reads:


Certified Miracle: Wonder Woman #168 with notes attached by Greg Hill on Page 00021.

After realizing the snafu and mixup of Eris with Ares for this month’s EOTM, another Erisian Mystery of Great Importance was discovered in the artwork of Ares:

The Five Fingered Hand of Eris on Ares' helmet?

Could this be the source for the The Five Fingered Hand of Eris on Page 00021 (coincidence???) of the Principia Discordia, or, could this mean a certain DC Comics artist was an Early Discordian?

Five Fingered Hand of Eris

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Emails from the Acidman

Cover of
The Adventures of Acidman
by Ian S. Garlington.
I recently received an email from a fellow named Ian Garlington, who goes by the handle of the Acidman. Ian wrote:

…I did my doctoral research at Osaka University’s American Literature department on the influence of psychedelics on American sf and comics and started reading a lot about Bob Wilson and then Thornley and then you. I write about Alan Moore and Grant Morrison and Thomas Disch as well and I was strongly influenced by the temperament of all of this.

I like your version of Kerry Thornley much more than his own version. You got him from all the best angles. I keep a picture of him next to my desk and used to tell my students that I was his reincarnation.

Thank you very much for the Historia Discordia… I read every page in extreme detail and took notes. I explained about it in my American history class at Kansai Gaidai University…

I found a copy Prankster and Conspiracy on a book shelf in a witch store in Osaka but when I asked they told me that none of the books were for sale. I found a note inside that said in English “Never show or tell anyone about this book.” I don’t know why anyone would say that.

Your message in that book about how greyface got Thornley in the end, may be the warning that may save my life not too far off.

No way, fate is like iron rails, right? We can only affirm that we don’t have any clue what is about to happen next but it will happen in spite of and maybe as a result of our best efforts to escape it.

And then I had a mystical vision in which Robert Williams (comix artist) appeared to me at the same time that I felt experiential knowledge of the fourth dimension. There was a lot downloaded and I tried to record what was happening with a camera and a mic but the main message of it was, “your mission is to study Spinoza. I lost interest in all else and eventually quit lecturing and moved back to devote myself to founding Portland Weed Church, Portland Association of Deleuze Studies, Oxford Cognitives, and the Adventures of Acidman (as a household brand).

I published my dissertation as a book while in Japan but have not distributed it until now. I would like to send a copy to you if you are interested in seeing any of it…

Ian did indeed send me his book, the cover of which includes his psychedelic acrylic art. The full title is The Adventures of Acidman: Psychedelics and the Evolution of Consciousness in Science Fiction and Superhero Comics from the 1960s Onward (Amazon), including chapters like “An Anatomy of Cosmic Conspiracy: The Function of Fragmentation in the Illuminatus! Trilogy” and “Comics’ Cosmic Poetry: Pyshcedelics, Chaos and the Poetics of Comics in Grant Morrison’s The Invisibles.”

When I emailed Ian back asking if I could share his emails, he replied:

Yes, of course you can share that story. I was trying to find the VICE TV documentary about erotic witches in Tokyo where there are some interviews with the guy who is most likely the owner of the books on that shelf.

I met this man in person only once in a shower room in a psychiatric clinic where both patients and the doctor’s club friends were partying all night, mingling in an uninhibited environment (I believe I was invited as a “club friend” because the patients all said that they were visiting the clinic on a weekly basis, but you never know).

The warlock was completely naked.  He asked me a few questions and then told me he thought it was my mission to balance the cosmic scales by forming a new branch of Discordianism capable of defeating the newest incarnations of Greyface (in Japanese). That is what I am doing now. I paraphrase this sometimes these days as “getting the heroic dose of psychedelics to the center of the singularity before Google Flesh Cyborg self lobotomizes.” Kind of a John Lilly level of cosmic dualistic struggle.



Here’s a YouTube of the Acidman creating some of his acrylic psychedelic art:

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An Issue of Discordianism: Psychedelic Press XXIII

Psychedelic Press, No. 23

The latest issue of Psychedelic Press (No. 23, synchronistically) is dedicated to Discordianism and psychedelics, and features an essay by yours truly entitled “Sex, Drugs and Discordia.”

Other contributors include Nikki Wyrd, Havelock Ellis, John Constable aka John Crow, Ben Graham, Catherine Kneale, David Lee, Adrian Reynolds, Andy Gell, and Discordian Society co-founder, Gregory Hill.

Be sure to grab your copy!