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An Issue of Discordianism: Psychedelic Press XXIII

Psychedelic Press, No. 23

The latest issue of Psychedelic Press (No. 23, synchronistically) is dedicated to Discordianism and psychedelics, and features an essay by yours truly entitled “Sex, Drugs and Discordia.”

Other contributors include Nikki Wyrd, Havelock Ellis, John Constable aka John Crow, Ben Graham, Catherine Kneale, David Lee, Adrian Reynolds, Andy Gell, and Discordian Society co-founder, Gregory Hill.

Be sure to grab your copy!

One reply on “An Issue of Discordianism: Psychedelic Press XXIII”

I am a psychedelic unicorn who the Goddess decided to put the twisted tusk on my waist instead of my forehead. People always frown upon my appearance, and insist I must wear pants in public.

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