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Adam Gorightly, K.S.C., (aka the Wrong Reverend Houdini Kundalini of the Church of Unwavering Indifference) first discovered Eris on an acid trip back in the late-70s, but didn’t realize it at the time. Many years later he decided to write a book about Discordian co-founder Kerry Thornley, The Prankster and the Conspiracy, although he still hadn’t realized his Discordian destiny until Lady L. officially ordained him a pope and Doc Hypoc Magoun awarded him the Sacred Chao. Now it’s almost all he can think about. Find out more about the Wrong Reverend at
Groucho Gandhi, K.S.P., was initiated into Discordianism through the early-80s computer BBS scene and The Illuminatus! Trilogy, which allowed him an extended stay at the fabulous Chapel Perilous. In the late-80s, he was part of a team that secured and liberated Kerry Thornley's The Idle Warriors from the National Archives for publisher Ron Bonds of IllumiNet Press, where he also later designed book covers including Jim Keith's Black Helicopters Over America. He founded his own publishing company, Feejee Press, and is the current Keeper of the Sacred PUD (Paste-Up Discordia).

Brenton Clutterbuck was enticed into Discordianism upon discovering a bunch of ne'er do well Erisians were busy producing Discordian Magazines and wanted in on the disreputable 'fun.' After a number of creative projects he decided to completely abandon all common sense, rational decision making and the hope of a normal life to wander around the world visiting Erisian Holy Sites and interviewing Discordians (as well as other such querulous types) for a project called Chasing Eris.
Our go to guy for any Discordian related video work, Floyd Anderson had his mind blown by Arise! The SubGenius and then later by The Principia Discordia fnord. The revelation of the miraculous talking chimpanzee bringeth forth a most relevant religion. All hail Discordia. Fnord. We Discordians must stick apart. In conclusion, there is no conclusion.
Hail Eris!

Michele Witchipoo is an illustrator, cartoonist and blogger. She lives in NYC with the Rev. Squeaky Squeakums, a cat who’s an official ordained minister with the Church of the SubGenius. Michele has contributed an illustration to the Historia Discordia book and occasionally does ‘Devil Girl of The Month’ for Adam Gorightly‘s blog. You can find out more at and Fnord.


Right Reverend [REDACTED] Ryan Richards is a professional weirdo with a long, varied history of work in the arts. He is a prominent sound designer, comic book writer, inventor and Professional Pinball Player/Evangelist. He’s toured with Mikhail Baryshnikov, worked for the Guthrie Theater, a proud union stagehand and founder of ShudderBooks Benefit Corporation. Ryan also founded “Cult of the Month” and is the leader of 10 (and counting) of the largest religions in the Multiverse. He also has an art collective with his daughter Gemma and they are members of the music group “Former Teenage Heartthrobs.” He is currently working on 23 different projects including “The Illuminated Robert Anton Wilson.”

Victoria Grimalkin aka Palimpsest the Pointillest (aka Pointless) was introduced to Discordia late in life after discovering the writings of Adam Gorightly, who kindly made her a pope by virtue of a genuine Pope Card (so treat her right). She has since embraced the chaos through her art and also has contributed several “Eris of the Month” illustrations here at Historia Discordia. She resides with her husband in the northern Idaho panhandle, where they live as extremely boring semi-hermits.


Please feel free to contact us with your tips, tricks, pranks, fnords, and any Discordian materials you’d like to submit for consideration for inclusion into the Discordian Archives. Sexual favors and monetary rewards are encouraged and will guarantee you something in the afterlife.

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