Discordian Archives Rescued From Disastrous Wildfire!

Junction Wildfire.

Well, the title is kinda true. We had to evacuate The Discordian Archives Hindquarters (DAH) yesterday when the Junction Wildfire came rampaging our way.

I had been monitoring the situation, and so in an orderly fashion loaded the two cats and other stuff in my truck. When the word came down to evacuate, I got the hell out of Dodge. Among the items I took with me, of course, where the key pieces of the Discordian Archives, which included the 1st edition of Principia Discordia as well as The Honest Book of Truth.

We’re back at the DAH now and all is well. The firefighters sound like they’re getting the upper-hand on the fire. Unfortunately, a few structures were lost in town, but nobody was injured, so that’s what’s really important.

The front piece to the Paste-Up Discordia (known as The Sacred PUD).
Courtesy the Discordian Archives.

Also to let every Erisian know that be might concerned, the original Paste-Ups of the Fourth Edition of the Principia Discordia (fnorded as the Sacred PUD), along with extensive materials of Kerry Thornley yet to be released, are currently located outside of Atlanta, known as the Discordian Archives East, so they are well safe-and-sound and were never in danger.

Hail Eris and All Hail the Brave Firefighters of the World!

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Lost Treasure of Eris Revisited

We recently posted some scans from a little Discordian ditty called the Lost Treasure of Eris.

The fellow who sent the scans, Alfred Vitale, was pleased as punch about this, and sent me a few more snapshots of this Erisian wonder, along with these comments:

LOVED the piece on your blog! Finally started Historia Discordia… it is awesome! I will write more in detail at some point soon… it makes me laugh out loud. Nobody in my house knows what Discordianism is… but I’ve tried to share Principia and whatever doctrinal witticisms I could, but they just rolled their eyes. Same thing happened when I gave a talk recently at a high school. 15 kids in the room, but ONE of them decided to go check out Principia online… perhaps a seed planted. But I think your book has made my wife and daughter believe that my lunacy is not so unique now… so thanks :)

I had to use my camera phone because the book’s a bit fragile and if I lay it flat it may fall apart. These are a couple of random page shots—not complete pages, but maybe helpful?

The Lost Treasure of Eris,
page on the books publication.
Courtesy of Alfred Vitale.

The Lost Treasure of Eris,
Eris Training.
Courtesy of Alfred Vitale.

The Lost Treasure of Eris,
page on Aleister Crowley.
Courtesy of Alfred Vitale.

The Lost Treasure of Eris,
The Book of Gammy Grogs.
Courtesy of Alfred Vitale.

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Historia Discordia: 23 With A Magick Bullet!

Historia Discordia is currently ranked #1 in the Movements category at Amazon as of this writing.

But what I find most encouraging (and synchronistic) is that the overall Amazon Best Sellers ranking for the book is #2,323!

Hail Eris! All Hail Discordia! And All Hail fellow Discordians!

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Greg Hill Gets Letters! (Part 00001)

Letter Package from Kerry Thornley to Greg Hill, 1976. Courtesy of the Discordian Archives.

Celine’s Second Law: Communication occurs only between equals.

Welcome to a new series here at Historia Discordia called “Greg Hill Gets Letters,” featuring chaotic correspondence sent to Hill from fellow Discordians throughout the years.

In the first episode, we present a package of happiness sent from Kerry Thornley to Greg during the period Kerry was living in a renovated chicken coop in Tujunga, California, around 1976 or thereabouts.

Detail of the Letter Package from Kerry Thornley to Greg Hill, 1976.
Courtesy of the Discordian Archives.

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An Amazing Discordian Discovery: The Lost Treasure of Eris

The Lost Treasure of Eris,
inside page.
Courtesy of Alfred Vitale.

The Lost Treasure of Eris,
cover page.
Courtesy of Alfred Vitale.

The Lost Treasure of Eris,
back page.
Courtesy of Alfred Vitale.

Thanks to Alfred Vitale for sharing these scans of a rare and for the most part unknown Discordian tract entitled The Lost Treasure of Eris: Or How Eris Found Me, and What She Did to Me, When She Found Me !?! published by KALLISTI Productions in 1987 with an introduction by Episcopos BOB Invisibilus Invinsicilus—which seems like an appropriate name for someone introducing a Discordian book due to the fact that darn near ⅓ of the first wave of Discordians were named Bob—and trust me that’s no exaggeration. This early Discordian Bob Cabal included Wilson, Shea, McElroy, Yeager, Newport (and I’m probably forgetting 2 or 3)—not to mention Roger Lovin, whose middle name was Robert. (Bob Dobbs is another story.)

The Lost Treasure of Eris also happens to be dedicated to a number of Bobs—including the aforementioned Wilson and Shea—not to mention a certain someone named Banner. In this case, I assume Episcopos BOB was referring to Bob Banner, former editor and publisher of the late, great conspiracy magazine Critique that during the course of its run would occasionally feature articles by RAW.

The Illuminoids and Critique magazine.
Courtesy of the Discordian Archives.

Here’s an excerpt from Jesse Walker’s The United States of Paranoia (Amazon) that talks about Bob Banner and Critique.

The Lost Treasure of Eris dedication page also acknowledges Neil Wilgus, author of The Illuminoids, another must-have book for one’s Illuminati Discordian-library back in the day when the Eye in the Pyramid had suddenly become all the rage.

Den of Discordian Iniquity: Magickal Childe Bookstore, late 1980s.

Alfred informs me that he discovered The Lost Treasure of Eris at the Magickal Childe book store in NYC in the 1980s. If memory serves me correctly, this is where Mark Philip Steele (creator of the Illuminatus! comix) told me he came across a copy of the ultra rare Revisionist Edition of the Principia Discordia (circa ’76.)

So it appears that the Magickal Childe had an affinity for Discordian obscurities such as these.

Alfred and I would like to track down the origins of this strange relic—The Lost Treasure of Eris—that was supposedly first published 10 years or so before its ’87 re-publication. So if you have any info please let us know!

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Off The Deep End Interview With RAW

Cover of Off The Deep End #4 zine by Tim Cridland. Courtesy of the Discordian Archives.

One of my all time fav zines was Tim Cridland’s
Off The Deep End (OTDE) that could best be described as… well, I don’t know, exactly. A mix of all kinds of weird information that sometimes came across as a hip-conspiratorial-countercultural spin on the The World Weekly News.

OTDE never took itself too seriously, which also appealed greatly to yours truly, neither endorsing nor dismissing the mind-bending mishmash of material that Tim cobbled together in the ten or so issues published between 1987-1991—simply letting the readers make up their own minds as to the validity of the content. OTDE was a great peek into the conspiracy and paranormal scenes of the period, predating The X-Files, Art Bell, etc., before such topics as underground bases and shape shifting reptilians became overly trendy.

Tim has always impressed me as a topnotch researcher, much of this research conducted off hours/in between shows while touring the country as Zamora the Torture King.

Tim is co-author of Weird Nevada (Amazon) with Joe Oesterle, and was recently interviewed on Greg Bishop’s Radio Misterioso.

To follow is Tim’s interview with Robert Anton Wilson that first appeared in OTDE #4 sometime in the late-80s/early-90s.

Off The Deep End #4 interview with RAW, Page 00001. Courtesy of the Discordian Archives.

Off The Deep End #4 interview with RAW, Page 00002. Courtesy of the Discordian Archives.

Off The Deep End #4 interview with RAW, Page 00003. Courtesy of the Discordian Archives.

Off The Deep End #4 interview with RAW, Page 00004. Courtesy of the Discordian Archives.

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There Is No Enemy Anywhere: Week 24 Illuminatus! Group Reading

There Is No Enemy Anywhere card by Greg Hill.
Courtesy of the Discordian Archives.

Week 24 of the Illuminatus! Group Reading: On Page 236 of Illuminatus! (Amazon) , a mysterious business card that says


is discovered by some cops while searching the room of an apparent suicide victim named Oedipuski.

The late Mr. Oedipuski had been a former member of the ultra right-wing militant Christian group God’s Lightning before suddenly turning into a radical left-wing revolutionary (or something to that effect) and then was found shortly after floating tits up in the Chicago River, presumably murdered for switching allegiances from the radical right to the radical left.

It can be further presumed that the Legion of Dynamic Discord had a hand in Oedipuski’s sudden transformation—from Jesus Freak to just plain FREAK—the LDD probably blowing his brain with a heavy dose of AUM, the anti-MK-Ultra psychedelic mind control drug used to deprogram/reprogram guys like Oedipuski from their previous fucked-up programs.

Envelope for the There Is No Enemy/Friend Anywhere cards by Greg Hill. Courtesy of the Discordian Archives.

Another LDD programming tool—although not explicitly described as such in Illuminatus!—is the


card, which was another method to deliver a new imprint to Oedipuski’s head—that neither the radical right or radical left were “real” enemies of one another—and that to become truly free, one needed to escape the Us-Against-Them groupthink matrix, which appears to have been (maybe) the intended purpose of this mysterious business card discovered at Oedipuski’s pad.

In the “real world” of Discordianism, this cryptic card concept was something Greg Hill played with ala Operation Mindfuck, as under the guise of Professor Iggy he’d occasionally send out just such cards—without explanation—with “There is no enemy anywhere” or “There is no friend anywhere” printed on them, each particular card going to a certain person/mindset to jolt them awake—like a zen koan, Discordian-style.

Envelope by Greg Hill:
TOP CONSPIRATORIAL (Illuminated Seers).
Courtesy of the Discordian Archives.

The above set of photos was an odd little item I only discovered after several run-throughs/reviews of the Discordian Archives; a “There is no enemy anywhere” card inside a small envelope with “TOP CONSPIRATORIAL (Illuminated Seers)” typed on it, topped off with a red “Military” stamp.

I had intended this little oddity for inclusion in Historia Discordia: The Origins of the Discordia Society (Amazon), but it failed to make the final mix because the publisher requested that I re-shoot the photos again because they were too dark to display well. Unfortunately (Hail Eris!) I was unable to track down this little item, although rummaging several times through the archives to re-locate it. However, I was able to secure a couple of “There is no enemy anywhere” cards, one of which is reproduced in the book.

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Discordian Inter-Office Memos

A pad of Discordian Inter-Office Memos by Greg Hill. Courtesy of the Discordian Archives.

Although a Discordian, sometime anarchist and full time anti-establishmentarian, Greg Hill was also a product of the corporate world.

Due to this Dilbert-like influence, Greg created a form letter of sorts modeled after inter-office memos one would see in corporate offices of the period.

The memo in question was produced some time after the mysterious disappearance of Malaclypse the Younger when Hill adopted the persona of Dr. Ignotum P. Ignotius to oversee the Office of the Polyfather.


Discordian Inter-Office Memo
by Greg Hill dated July 15, 1971, Back.
Courtesy of the Discordian Archives.

Discordian Inter-Office Memo
by Greg Hill dated July 15, 1971, Front.
Courtesy of the Discordian Archives.

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Sex, Drugs, Treason: Illuminati Membership Affirmation

For your approval, a membership affirmation that Kerry Thornley concocted in the mid-70s while attending Georgia State University as a method to induct members of the student body into the dreaded Bavarian Illuminati.

Bavarian Illuminati Membership Affirmation by Kerry Thornley, mid-1970s.
Courtesy of the Discordian Archives.

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The Early Discordians: Dr. Robert Newport

Dr. Robert Newport celebrating the day.
Courtesy of Dr. Robert Newport.

I’ve often expressed my respect and admiration for Dr. Robert Newport (even though he sometimes calls me Bruce) who has been a huge part of the Discordian Archives project, and without whom it never would have happened.

Known in the annals of Discordianity as Rev. Hypocrates Magoun (Protector of the Pineal), Newport was high school pals with Greg Hill and Kerry Thornley back in the days of Bowling Alleys, Eris, and a Revelation with a Baboon. Newport contributed to the 4th edition of the Principia Discordia with “The Parable of the Bitter Tea,” which of course has a deeper meaning than you can read on the surface—although I’m not quite sure what that is—so I’ll leave it to Brenton Clutterbuck to reveal this deeper mystery in his forthcoming book, Chasing Eris.

After Greg Hill’s passing, the Discordian Archives ended up in Newport’s keeping, and he had planned to put these materials on a website but never quite found the time as he had become more interested in landscape painting. And so perhaps he got the best of both worlds, as HistoriaDiscordia.com (maybe) became what he was envisioning, and in the meantime, Newport was able to follow his painting passion and not have to dicker around with HTML and all that nonsense. More on current happenings of Dr. Robert in a bit…

Here’s some more on Dr. Robert Newport and Greg Hill, lifted (mostly) from my previous book The Prankster and Conspiracy:

— S N I P —

In the early-70s, Newport and Hill—along with Greg’s wife Jeanetta—started a movie theater in the town of Monte Rio, along the Russian River area in Northern California.

Cinema Rio Theater: Then.
Courtesy of Dr. Robert Newport.

Cinema Rio Theater: Now.
Courtesy of the Discordian Archives.

Housed in an old converted military Quonset hut, Cinema Rio had five hundred seats, as well as a vast population of rats until a twenty-two pound Siamese cat named Eldritch became a Cinema Rio regular. “And,” as Newport recalled, “that was the last of the rats, the night Eldritch walked into the theater. We brought him in, put him down in the lobby, his ears went up, and he was gone like a flash—and from that night on there were no rats!”

Cinema Rio Christmas Card, Front.
Courtesy of the Discordian Archives.

Cinema Rio Christmas Card, Back.
Featuring Eldritch the Cat.
Courtesy of the Discordian Archives.

Cinema Rio was unique in the sense that it was a community effort, a theater by and for the local residents. In this spirit, local artists were enlisted to help decorate the digs, which included a beautiful colored marquee outside, displaying a cartoonish Mayan motif. The inside of the theater was originally a dull pink, so—to give it some pizzazz—columns and figures, swirling and twirling about, were painted on the walls, giving the place the funky feel of an old-time theater reborn with a psychedelic sensibility.

Greg and Bob ran Cinema Rio on a shoestring, with Greg putting the programming together, in addition to designing the posters and advertisement blurbs. As part of their community outreach, once-a-month programming meetings were held where the locals could contribute suggestions for films. Thus a concerted effort was made to involve the community, which meant employing it, as well. In fact, Greg and Bob ended up employing way too many locals to ever turn a profit.

Cinema Rio flyer designed by Greg Hil: Front.
Courtesy of the Discordian Archives.

Cinema Rio flyer designed by Greg Hil: Back.
The back side provides an example
of community participation in the business.
Courtesy of the Discordian Archives.

Eventually, Greg and Bob decided to expand their vision. As it so happened, right next to Cinema Rio was a huge old abandoned redwood dance hall, which one day came up for sale, so Greg and Bob decided they would start a community center there. After acquiring the building, they put in a restaurant, a health clinic, ran a community newspaper, and had weekend gatherings where they fed the homeless, including concerts on the beach.

While all of this was going on, Newport was somehow able to operate a psychiatry practice out of his house in nearby Guerneville, often getting paid for his services in baskets of garden vegetables or apples. Bob’s “office” was in a tree house on his property, located in the center of a circle of redwoods. The entire property consisted of an acre-and-a-half, with several cabins scattered throughout the redwoods. It was a diverse operation, including a school in his garage, which twenty-or-so kids attended. Dr. Bob was also heavily involved with the Psych Department at nearby Sonoma State, as on his property various group sessions were ran, such as encounter groups and primal therapy groups.

Cinema Rio and the Monte Rio Community Center eventually folded in the spring of 1973 due mainly to the fact that Newport and Hill got over extended financially. But there were other factors, as well, which caused the scene to run its course, namely the dissolution of Greg’s marriage to Jeanetta. As Newport recalled:

It would have been a miracle if the marriage had survived. Life at the River was incredibly difficult. I mean it was wild, it was high and it was fun, it was creative… and there was no money. Which meant that just trying to scrimp by with a living was hard to do, and it was hard for everybody. It was hard for me, too. I mean I had a little income because I had a little practice going. But the theater made no money—that cost us money. All these other activities we had going—none of them made money… So things were incredibly stressful. And when the marriage broke up, Greg became very depressed. And basically about that time, my mentor who lived next door to me, who had been a very interesting old man, who had dropped out as a President of Union Bank, and had come to the River, and had a very interesting Libertarian philosophy… ah, anyhow, he died, Jeanetta left, and pretty much everything collapsed. And Greg became incredibly depressed. And he went off to New York… and got a job with a bank doing clerical work, which is about as bleak an outcome as you can imagine. So he drank and that became his way of dealing with things.

— E ND   O’   S N I P —

Rather than end this post on a bummer note, let’s get back to Bob Newport and where his path has taken him over the years, with a brief bio lifted from his website.

Art, and the study of painting, as a vehicle for probing into the relationship between the natural world and the human psyche, is Dr. Robert Newport’s second career following thirty-one years as a psychiatrist. Thirty-one years, during which he developed and refined his powers of observation while delving deeply into the nature of consciousness, exploring its relationship to body, mind and spirit. And when not engrossed in his practice, he was exploring and observing the natural world both as a backpacker and sailor.

Doctor Robert comes from a family of sailors and explorers who arrived with the first settlers in this country in 1607. He was born in the Midwest mid-century, and has never been in the middle of anything since, with the exception of the profound beauty and drama of the landscape. A maverick in everything he has ever done, (he was said to have invented the term “holistic psychiatry”), he came to painting naturally, if not exactly willingly. Drama was his first love; he turned down an offer for the professional theater to go to medical school. With one successful children’s play to his credit, his reading of his muse’s call was to write for the stage; drawing his material from the human dramas he attended as a psychiatrist.

As fate would have it, it fell to him to care for his ailing mother, a successful artist herself for 40 years. In an effort to find a way to have a meaningful relationship with her, he began to paint under her tutelage and later at the Otis College of Art and Design. He found not only that he loved painting, but that it gave him both the vehicle for communicating his experiences of encountering spirit in the natural world as well as the opportunity to continue to use his powers of observation in the further development of his craft. So as a painter and world traveler, he followed in his family footsteps, his sister and niece also being fine artists of some repute. Following his retirement from medicine, he obtained an Otis certificate in fine arts and has continued his studies with private teachers.

Painting by Newport: Could this be the Five-Fingered Hand of Eris???
Courtesy of Dr. Robert Newport.

On another note, I just discovered Newport recently released From Haiti to Guinee’ on the Immamou — A Tale of Redemption. Get yourself a copy of enlightenment.

Lastly, we share with you Newport’s take on our latest book, Historia Discordia: The Origins of the Discordian Society:

Whether or not reading Historia Discordia will “blow your mind” or simply show you what a bunch of already blown minds can come up with, is besides the point. The point is that it is fun!

And now, back to our regular programming… whatever that is.

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