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Antero Alli’s Tarot Decks

Not only is this site dedicated to those trail blazing Discordians who put Eris on the map—which is not the territory, btw—but also to those who have carried the torch forward spreading the gospel of Goddess as well as exploring many other of those illuminating landscapes the Early Discordians traversed, including RAW (in cahoots with […]

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Three New Discordian Related Books

I’m happy, and also somewhat saddened, to announce the release of 3 new books for which I played a role, either large or small, in the same manner that the authors of these three titles—Kerry Thornley, James Shelby Downard and Antero Alli—themselves had their own roles, both large or small, in the annals of Discordia. […]

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Camden Benares and John F. Carr’s A LEGACY OF SEX, DEATH AND CHARISMA

“To follow is the third version of ‘A Legacy of Sex, Death and Charisma’ written by myself and Camden Benares around 1988. The first version was written by Camden and was significantly different, featuring a Marilyn Monroe film festival. Brother Ball was the main protagonist and it featured Fitzgerald Baker in a much different situation. […]