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The Dog Days Edition of Eris of the Month: RAW and Eris

August Eris of the Month 2017: 'RAW and Eris' by Jason Atomic.

The August dog day’s edition of our Eris of the Month comes courtesy of Jason Atomic with a sketch of Oliver Senton in the role of RAW and Claudia Bolton as Goddess Eris (with a sword and one-eyed smiley-face shield) that Jason conjured up during the recent London run of Daisy Campbell’s Cosmic Trigger play.

I first became aware of Mr. Atomic’s magnificent artwork a few years back when he sent me a copy of Satanic Mojo Comix that—according to Jason—had been inspired in part by some of the more salacious sections from my book, The Shadow Over Santa Susana: Black, Magic, Mind Control and the Manson Family Mythos.

Front and back cover of issue No. 1 of Jason Atomic's Satanic Mojo Comix.
July 2, 2013 letter from Jason Atomic to Adam Gorightly.
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Bathtub Books Presents The Goetia Discordia

Jennifer Knight (known in some circles as Bathtub Jen) has launched her own line of books, known appropriately enough as Bathtub Books, and among the early offerings are some titles by our old friend and practicing Discordian, Roldo Odlor.

Next up, among these offerings, is Kerry Thornley‘s The Goetia Discordia: The Book of the Demons of the Region of Thud, which will soon be available for the low, low price of… well, I’m not sure yet, but whatever it costs you’ll probably get 23% off if you act now!