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A Sampling of Discordian Society Phenomena and Cabalablia

Here’s a one-page double-sided flyer Greg Hill put out in June 1970 listing all the different Erisian cabals that had emerged during this juncture in Discordian history, which included RAW’s Adam Weishaupt chapter, Camden Benares’ St. Gulik Iconistary among other … Continue reading

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A Little Bit of Buddhist Wisdom From Ho Chi Zen (aka Kerry Thornley)

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And now, this important announcement from Mad Malik (aka Greg Hill)

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RAW’s Form Letters

Just like Greg Hill, Robert Anton Wilson had a penchant for using form letters, three of which I’ve included here for shits and giggles. A couple are from around 1976, and another from 2002 or so when I was in … Continue reading

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The Blivet and The Hodge/Podge Transformer

The two pages of images presented here called “The Blivit” [sic] were drawn by Greg Hill in 1965 and I would suspect were inspired by issue #93 of Mad magazine from March of that year which has a blivet on … Continue reading

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RAW vs. the Transsexuals?

In June of ’79, RAW sent out the following letter regarding a little feud he got into with someone named Angela Douglas in the letters section of the libertarian mag Against The Wall, a copy of which he included with … Continue reading

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Chasing Eris: The Krewe of Eris

The following is another draft excerpt from my forthcoming book Chasing Eris. The book documents my worldwide adventure to experience modern Discordian culture, meet its personalities, and discover elusive Erisian mysteries. –Brenton Clutterbuck Every year in February or March, New … Continue reading

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Week 2 Illuminatus! Group Reading: Joseph Malik

As we embark upon Week 2 of the Illuminatus! reading, I will continue my obsessive quest to note any Discordian references I encounter along the way. So away we go… What immediately jumps out is the character of Joseph … Continue reading

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VIDEO: Kerry Thornley on the Birth of Discordianism

I recently re-discovered a rarely seen video interview with Kerry Thornley from 1992, conducted by our friend Rev. Wyrdsli in the back room of A Cappella Books (in Little Five Points, Atlanta) where Kerry was living at the time. Below … Continue reading

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