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Semi-Recent Additions to the Discordian Archives: Principia Discordia Editions

Sometimes people send me things here at the Discordian Archives… and sometimes I get around to writing about them. Hence the title “semi-recent” as it’s been several months since I received the items in question—two different versions of Principia Discordia (PD)—one being a Russian translation sent by a chaotic comrade in Russia named Ivan who […]

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C2C, JFK & The Cosmic Trigger Play: A Historia Discordia Triple Whammy

November 22nd commemorates a lot of things here at Historia Discordia, including the date we first launched this site—on JFK Assassination Day, no less!—an event forever after ingrained in Discordian mythology. And although we would never be so bold as to suggest that Eris had a five fingered hand in orchestrating the Killing of the […]

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We’re Fno-o-o-o-ord: Week 30 Illuminatus! Group Reading

And Historia Discordia is back! Dearest Eris decided to give us an unexpected end-of-summer week off due to some Markoff Chaney-style technical website hijinxery, Hail Eris!, but nothing lasts forever, so it’s time to get back on the horse… First up, a post meant for last week’s Illuminatus! Group Reading. Usually, we post an Eris […]

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Discordian Archives Rescued From Disastrous Wildfire!

Well, the title is kinda true. We had to evacuate The Discordian Archives Hindquarters (DAH) yesterday when the Junction Wildfire came rampaging our way. I had been monitoring the situation, and so in an orderly fashion loaded the two cats and other stuff in my truck. When the word came down to evacuate, I got […]

Discordian Timeline

Items from the Discordian Archives will appear on this historical timeline as they become available…   —1959— Greg Hill – The Complete Art of Collecting Belly-Button Lint   —1960— Apocalypse: A Trade Journal For Doom Prophets   —1961— Recently Discovered Poems by Greg Hill: ‘TO THE HUMAN RACE,’ ‘SYNDROME,’ etc.   —1962— Kerry Thornley and […]

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Chasing Eris: An Interlude on Copyleft

The following is another draft excerpt from my forthcoming book Chasing Eris. The book documents my worldwide adventure to experience modern Discordian culture, meet its personalities, and discover elusive Erisian mysteries. —Brenton Clutterbuck     Often, in detailing (and perhaps attempting to inflate) the influence of Discordia on the world, I have described Discordia’s concept […]

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Discordian I Ching: Lord Omar Desires Guidance For This Coming Year (1970)

A very-long forty-four years ago, this very day, during the rapidly loss-of-hippie-innocence known as that infernal year of 1970, Greg Hill cast an I Ching, or the Book of Changes, hexagram for Kerry Thornley (aka Lord Omar), based on Thornley’s inquiry: “Lord Omar desires guidance for this coming year.” As seen in the letter above, […]

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POWER CORRUPTS ABSOLUTELY. The Discordian Archives are filled with Greg Hill’s interests and hobbies. One such hobby of Hill’s was the use of simple ciphers. Hill’s dabbling in cryptography and the promotion of secure communications is evident in this undated, but most-likely late 1960s, missive from the Joshua Norton Lodge entitled “Some Useful Information Regarding […]

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Week 6 of the Illuminatus! Group Reading

And now yet more revelations of certain Erisian Mysteries in Week 6 of the Illuminatus! group reading… On page 54, 00005 (Of Her Majesty’s Secret Service) is introduced, otherwise known elsewhere in Illuminatus! as the character Fission Chips. 00005 is the first reference in Illuminatus! to the Discordian Law of Fives, which states that all […]

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The Blivet and The Hodge/Podge Transformer

The two pages of images presented here called “The Blivit” [sic] were drawn by Greg Hill in 1965 and I would suspect were inspired by issue #93 of Mad magazine from March of that year which has a blivet on the cover. I make this assumption because Hill and Kerry Thornley were big fans of […]