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Cosmic Trigger Online Reading Group, Week 19

Thanks to Charles Faris for inviting me take the helm for this week’s Cosmic Trigger reading. I ended up writing a lot more than I’d initially intended… but sometimes that happens! (I blame it on the Dog Days.) We pick up with The horrors begin (page 150 of the Hilaritas edition) through to Ishtar’s Walk: […]

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Chart of the Illuminati Conspiracy: Week 56 of Illuminatus! Group Reading

 On page 591 of Illuminatus!, the “chart of the Illuminati conspiracy” (previously displayed on page 97) is referenced in relation to Robert Anton Wilson’s Discordian persona of “Mordecai the Foul” who is included among a group of Primus Illuminatus overseeing a vast conspiracy that includes Playboy (where Wilson and Bob Shea worked as editors during […]

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The Emergence of Hassan i Sabbah X: Week 52 of the Illuminatus! Group Reading

On page 557 of Illuminatus! we are introduced to Hassan i Sabbah X, a character who—it appears—was first conceptualized by Kerry Thornley in this August 1968 letter to fellow Discordian Louise Lacey (aka Lady L., F.A.B.), all of this part of Operation Mindfuck, the Discordian Society’s clandestine conspiracy to illuminate the opposition. Thornley’s vision for […]

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Was the Discordian Society a CIA Front?

An excerpt from my latest book Caught in the Crossfire: Kerry Thornley, Lee Oswald and the Garrison Investigation, available at Feral House and Amazon. Among Jim Garrison’s more colorful unofficial investigators (otherwise known as the “Irregulars”) was Allan Chapman who subscribed to the theory that the JFK assassination had been orchestrated by the Bavarian Illuminati, […]

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5 to the 5th Power: Illuminatus! Group Reading Week 37

On page 368 of Illuminatus! (Amazon), a fellow named Harold Canvera—who in his spare time recorded telephone messages lambasting the Illuminati, John Birch-style—goes through a transformation after unwittingly ingesting a blast of AUM which illuminates him to the point that he actually ends up joining the ranks of his former Bavarian foes after receiving (on […]

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The Secret History of Immanentizing the Eschaton: The Mary Wheeler Interview

Guest Post by Steven Adkins Prepare yourself(s) for an amazing interview with a largely unknown (until now!) Discordian named Hope Springs (real name Mary Wheeler) conducted by Steven Adkins of the Law of Silence blog. Mary—as you’ll soon discover—found herself smack dab in the middle of the Early Discordian scene along with her husband, Tim […]

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Lo! and Behold! The Fortean Times Review of Historia Discordia

Fortean Times issue 319 found some time to give Historia Discordia a great frogfall review: A serious joke The countercultural Discordian religion is still culturally relevant — and amusing In the pre-Interweb era one’s entry to Discordianism was either through Illuminatus! by Robert Anton Wilson and Bob Shea, or Principia Discordia, the tract intended to […]

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Monkey Business: Historia Discordia Makes Life Interesting For Government Employees!

Since launching (on JFK Assassination Day last year) we’ve had—upon occasion—some rather eyebrow-raising visitors to the site, among them the Dept. of Justice, not to mention the Church of Scientology, and most recently the Dept. of Homeland Security (DHS) and the U.S. Department of Defense. We welcome you! One can only speculate why THEY […]

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There Is No Enemy Anywhere: Week 24 Illuminatus! Group Reading

Week 24 of the Illuminatus! Group Reading: On Page 236 of Illuminatus! (Amazon) , a mysterious business card that says THERE IS NO ENEMY ANYWHERE is discovered by some cops while searching the room of an apparent suicide victim named Oedipuski. The late Mr. Oedipuski had been a former member of the ultra right-wing militant […]

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OFFICIAL BUSINESS: Reviews, News, and Interviews

  With the recent release of Historia Discordia, the first book of several from the Erisian materials preserved in the Discordian Archives, multi-instances of unauthorized Discordian activity have been observed. Each and every fnord has been inappropriately cataloged for future chaos repercussions. Hail Eris! The following is a semi-listicle of Authorized Discordian Society Activity for […]