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5 to the 5th Power: Illuminatus! Group Reading Week 37

Operation Mindfuck
flyer advertisement:
What Secret Power
Did This Man Possess?
Courtesy of the
Discordian Archives.
On page 368 of Illuminatus! (Amazon), a fellow named Harold Canvera—who in his spare time recorded telephone messages lambasting the Illuminati, John Birch-style—goes through a transformation after unwittingly ingesting a blast of AUM which illuminates him to the point that he actually ends up joining the ranks of his former Bavarian foes after receiving (on page 372) an Illuminati letter with instructions to bury $3125 in his backyard to pay for membership fees into the world’s oldest and most successful conspiracy!

All of this burying $3125 business was a manifestation of the Discordian Society’s Operation Mindfuck (OM) that included faux advertisements such as the one we post here with Hitler doing his infamous sieg heil duck-walk. 3125, as the Law of Fives will allow, is 5 to the 5th power.

Many such OM missives were of anonymous authorship although the best guess in this instance is that either Shea or RAW (or both) were responsible for this mindfucking OM advertisement.

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