Adam Gorightly Interviewed!

Adam Gorightly

Project Archivist: Adam Gorightly and Discordia
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“This week we are joined by Conspiracy Historian Adam Gorightly. We talk about Kerry Thornley and his involvement with Lee Harvey Oswald. Then we move on to the Discordians and the Historia Discordia. Do Not Adjust your Mind—It Is Reality That Is Malfunctioning…”


The C.O.N. (Cult of Nick): Was The Discordian Society a CIA front?
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Interviews with Daisy Eris Campbell and Adam Gorightly.

__________________________________ John Wisniewski interviews Adam Gorightly
Read here.

“Some weeks ago, a writer named John Wisniewski wrote to me and asked if I would be interested in an interview with Adam Gorightly. I wrote back and said that although I was doing my own interview I would also be interested in his piece.”


Conspirinormal Episode 57 — Adam Gorightly #4 (Discordianism)
Listen here.

“Tonight we had the privilege of welcoming back one of our favorite guests to the show, Adam Gorightly. Adam has a new book out which details the history of and the personalities involved in the joke (?) religion of Discordianism.”


Grimerica Talks To Adam Gorightly
Listen here.

“Adam Gorightly, author of many books, blogs and rants of the conspiracy and counterculture genre his latest book being, “Historia Discordia” joins the Grimerican’s in this episode. They chat about Discordianism, synchronicities, conspiracies, UFO’s and LSD, Top secret programs and strange connections between controversial history figures.”


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