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There Is No Enemy Anywhere: Week 24 Illuminatus! Group Reading

There Is No Enemy Anywhere card by Greg Hill.
Courtesy of the Discordian Archives.
Week 24 of the Illuminatus! Group Reading: On Page 236 of Illuminatus! (Amazon) , a mysterious business card that says


is discovered by some cops while searching the room of an apparent suicide victim named Oedipuski.

The late Mr. Oedipuski had been a former member of the ultra right-wing militant Christian group God’s Lightning before suddenly turning into a radical left-wing revolutionary (or something to that effect) and then was found shortly after floating tits up in the Chicago River, presumably murdered for switching allegiances from the radical right to the radical left.

It can be further presumed that the Legion of Dynamic Discord had a hand in Oedipuski’s sudden transformation—from Jesus Freak to just plain FREAK—the LDD probably blowing his brain with a heavy dose of AUM, the anti-MK-Ultra psychedelic mind control drug used to deprogram/reprogram guys like Oedipuski from their previous fucked-up programs.

Envelope for the There Is No Enemy/Friend Anywhere cards by Greg Hill. Courtesy of the Discordian Archives.
Another LDD programming tool—although not explicitly described as such in Illuminatus!—is the


card, which was another method to deliver a new imprint to Oedipuski’s head—that neither the radical right or radical left were “real” enemies of one another—and that to become truly free, one needed to escape the Us-Against-Them groupthink matrix, which appears to have been (maybe) the intended purpose of this mysterious business card discovered at Oedipuski’s pad.

In the “real world” of Discordianism, this cryptic card concept was something Greg Hill played with ala Operation Mindfuck, as under the guise of Professor Iggy he’d occasionally send out just such cards—without explanation—with “There is no enemy anywhere” or “There is no friend anywhere” printed on them, each particular card going to a certain person/mindset to jolt them awake—like a zen koan, Discordian-style.

Envelope by Greg Hill:
TOP CONSPIRATORIAL (Illuminated Seers).
Courtesy of the Discordian Archives.
The above set of photos was an odd little item I only discovered after several run-throughs/reviews of the Discordian Archives; a “There is no enemy anywhere” card inside a small envelope with “TOP CONSPIRATORIAL (Illuminated Seers)” typed on it, topped off with a red “Military” stamp.

I had intended this little oddity for inclusion in Historia Discordia: The Origins of the Discordia Society (Amazon), but it failed to make the final mix because the publisher requested that I re-shoot the photos again because they were too dark to display well. Unfortunately (Hail Eris!) I was unable to track down this little item, although rummaging several times through the archives to re-locate it. However, I was able to secure a couple of “There is no enemy anywhere” cards, one of which is reproduced in the book.

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