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Have a Kerry Christmas!

Discordianism is well-known to tolerate the traditional holidays and holydays of other delusional systems of belief and Christmas is no exception.

To demonstrate, here are some festive reason-for-the-season articles from the Discordian Archives about the pasts of Discordian Christmas.

Eris bless us, every other!

Fa La La La La, La La La fnord La!

From Camden Benares’ List of Discordian Holidays

12-25, Jay See Fitzdragon’s Birthday

The ideal celebration for this holiday is listening to bootleg recordings of the first Discordian rock band, Jay See and the Disciples of Eris. The rarity of these recordings causes most Discordians to celebrate in some other manner befitting the occasion.

RAW 1975 Xmas Card

1975 Christmas Card from Robert Anton Wilson, front.
Courtesy of the Discordian Archives.

Cinema Rio Christmas Card

Cinema Rio Christmas Card, Front.

A Christmas Story: Excerpt from Kerry Thornley’s THE IDLE WARRIORS

Marine Oswald Xmas

A Very Merry Manson Christmas To All

A Kerry Thornley Flyer: A Letter From Charles Manson.
Courtesy the Discordian Archives.

Have a Merry Kerry Xmas All!

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Hi there! Great to come across Historia Discordia. Thanks for capturing the history of the Rio (with images!) back in the 70s. I’m hoping to connect with Dr. Bob Newport. I’m the current owner of the Rio Theater in Monte Rio CA. A place I’m sure Dr. Newport knows well. If possible, could you please forward him my email address or if permitted, share his contact with me so I can connect? Thanks so much.

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