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You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’: Roger Lovin and the Dark Side of Discordia (Part 00004)

Welcome to the final installment (maybe!) of our series on Roger Lovin. Before proceeding, I thought a short recap was in order. Roger Robert Lovin was born in Knoxville, Tennessee on May 11, 1941—although there’s conflicting evidence which suggests that … Continue reading

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An Honest-To-Goddess Discordian Patch

In my Historia Discordia book, I included some specs that Greg Hill sketched (back in the day) for an Honest-to-Goddess Discordian Society decal and patch. More recently, I happened upon these specs once again and thought: “What they hey, I … Continue reading

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A Brief Conversation with Adam Curtis

In early March, I was interviewed by BBC film maker Adam Curtis, who—it so happens—possesses a keen interest in Greg Hill, Kerry Thornley, and Discordianism. Adam returned the favor, and granted me a short interview where—among other things—he explains what … Continue reading

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Will you pull the Cosmic Trigger in London in May?

2017 : CTB_05// Will you pull the CosmicTrigger? 5 of 5 from amoeba on Vimeo. Promo for CosmicTrigger the play May 4th-27th The Cockpit, London. Cosmic Trigger Broadcast 05// Visual Propaganda meme for the Robert Anton Wilson based, audio visual … Continue reading

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Kerry Thornley and Kerista

In the mid 1960s, Kerry Thornley joined The Gentle Way, “a sexually swinging psychedelic tribe” engaged in communal mate swapping, dope smoking, and LSD-tripping. Kerry worked for a while as The Gentle Way’s public relations envoy, publishing the Gentle Folk … Continue reading

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When Downard Met Discordia

I owe a lot to Robert Anton Wilson and specifically the influence Cosmic Trigger Volume 1: Final Secret of the Illuminati (1978) had in piquing my interest in subjects like ufology, magick, Forteana, Discordianism, and the dreaded Bavarian Illuminati. I’m … Continue reading

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Discordia Meets Academia

Religious scholar Christian Greer has just posted a lengthy, incisive and quite wonderful essay at entitled “Discordians Stick Apart”: The institutional turn within contemporary Discordianism. The essay includes references to my books and this website: “Through his blog, Historia … Continue reading

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November 27: This Day in Discordian History

On this date in 1963—in the aftermath of the JFK assassination—we find the first mention of Kerry Thornley’s The Idle Warriors, his novel based on Lee Harvey Oswald and life in the Marines during the Cold War era. Thornley’s observations … Continue reading

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The Roger Spark and TeenSet Conspiracy

In The Illuminatus! Trilogy the concept of Operation Mindfuck (OM) was introduced and in many ways Illuminatus! itself was an act of OM, which included the Discordians high-jacking the Bavarian Illuminati mythos and making it their own. The method to … Continue reading

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RAW vs. Mae Brussell!

The spring 1977 issue of Conspiracy Digest featured an interview with Robert Anton Wilson (RAW) in which he discussed the full spectrum of where his head was at during the period. Fresh off the publication of Illuminatus!, the interview included … Continue reading

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