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New Discordian Book Released! Chasing Eris by Brenton Clutterbuck

Just released! Chasing Eris by Brenton Clutterbuck.
Grab your copy!
As we recently celebrated this past March, it has been FIVE years since Historia Discordia contributor Brenton Clutterbuck visited the Discordian Archives (both West and East Archive locations!) on his world-wide quest to document Modern Day Manifestations of Discordianism and meet the Discordian Popes around the world who keep Eris fnording.

Brenton Clutterbuck visiting the Discordian Archives East for his Chasing Eris book project. Here he's holding the front-piece to the original Paste-Up Discordia known as the Sacred PUD.
Courtesy of the Discordian Archives.
And now his crazy idea has come to perfect Golden Apple fermentation on the auspicious Erisian date of May 5, 2018 (on the Kalendae Discordium date known as Setting Orange Discord 52nd, YOLD 3184), also coincidancing on Early Discordian Camden Benares‘ Discordian Holiday known as St. Gulik’s Day, with the publication of his years-long efforts now known as his newly released book Chasing Eris!

Go grab your very own copy via immediately.

I asked Clutterbuck for a few of his thoughts on the occasion of the release of Chasing Eris:

After years of horrifying experiments and strongly-worded letters from the Ethics Committee, my secret laboratory has finally produced the most significant marvel of International Chaos Science—my book Chasing Eris.

A note that I am totally wiped-out, weirded-out, and bedazzled by how willing people have been to get excited about this release—it’s very sweet and overwhelming to have my excitement and joy shared by so many of you weirdos, and I hope you know how simply humbled and delighted I am.

I have an e-book and some other tasty treats on the way, and if you’d like notification of when they arrive, you can sign up to my mailing list.

Keep the Lasagna Flying!

Congratulations, Clutterbuck! Eris abides on Chaos well done.

Check out a recent interview with Clutterbuck about writing Chasing Eris, some great deep-mind RAW stuff here:

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5 replies on “New Discordian Book Released! Chasing Eris by Brenton Clutterbuck”

Thanks Brenton I downloaded that though I may have read a snippet of it a while back. I went back to that Eddie Rockets we went to because you were famished and thought about our meet that day. The Brazilian waitress wasn’t there anymore either, I mean for her to still be there and serve me again would be a long shot. I’m sure you remember! She probably moved onto too another job as we all do and I finally am working again after a long rest and long sleep. I apologize about the Facebook group I had to tear it down I became really sick and a year later ended up in hospital for 8 days. I’m over it now though I have to do daily maintenance/penance, maybe for my wild youth but I still miss it myself. For six months I asked myself what do I do then Goddess whispered in my ear or was it my pineal gland, “I need you alive, not dead.” Like the Rev. Jon Swabbey says “Still not dead yet” or something like that. Who knows I’m still on FB I might resurrect the Eris Kallisti Discordia group again in the future. Thanks for the book and I’d like to thank Adam Gorightly for keeping this site going!!!!! Sorry for going on a bit but keep up the good work or keep the horrendous chaos going haha lol. Hagbard Celine – Still keeping the lasagna flying – thanks RAW.

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