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An Honest-To-Goddess Discordian Patch

In my Historia Discordia book, I included some specs that Greg Hill sketched (back in the day) for an Honest-to-Goddess Discordian Society decal and patch.

Greg Hill's sketch for a Discordian patch and decal.
Courtesy of the Discordian Archives.

More recently, I happened upon these specs once again and thought: “What they hey, I oughta see if I can get this patch made online!” And so I sent Hill’s specs to an online site and within a few days I had these beauties burning my hot little hands. Afterwards, I handed some out at the annual Paramania event.

Discordian patch photo courtesy of Paramania attendee Red Pill Junkie.

To get a sense of the Paramania experience, check out this episode of Greg Bishop’s Radio Misterioso podcast for your possible listening pleasure. I took part in this historic broadcast, and as I recall (and I use the words “recall” quite loosely because the booze was flowing ever so freely) at some point we got into a deep discussion about the meaning of chaos. (Hail Eris!)

If you would like your Very Own Discordian Patch, you’ll have to earn it by making a contribution to the Historia Discordia site—like submitting an Eris of Month artwork we select, for instance—or something that contributes to our overall cause of world domination or Bunless Hot Dog proclivities.

Contact us k00ks with your contributions at the bottom our Contact THE MGT. page and you could get an unofficial official Discordian patch!

Some of the Paramania bunch at the devilish Devil's Gate!
Photo courtesy of Greg Bishop, I think.

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