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Adam Gorightly Interviewed by Jim Harold — Discordianism, Kerry Thornley, 23

Gorightly interviewed by Jim Harold on Discordianism, Kerry Thornley, 23, The Church of the SubGenius, Robert Anton Wilson, and more! Video by Floyd Anderson located here on The YouTube.

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AUDIO: 1992 Interview of Kerry Thornley by Kenn Thomas: THE IDLE WARRIORS

From one of Adam Gorightly‘s cassette tapes courtesy of Steamshovel Press… Kerry Thornley interviewed by Kenn Thomas about the IllumiNet Press publication of Thornley’s The Idle Warriors. Youtubed by Floyd Anderson. READ A CHAPTER EXCERPT of the The Idle Warriors.

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Operation Mindfuck and the Georgia Guidestones

After adopting his Discordian persona of Creepy the Inexcusable, our man Floyd Anderson wasted no time reviving Operation Mindfuck (OM) by way of the Bavarian Illuminati letterhead provided here free of charge at, your full service Discordian mischief provider. Intent on recreating a Bavarian Illuminati letter in the same manner as such forerunners as […]

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Robert Anton Wilson: Illuminating Sermons of Pope Bob XXIII

More video goodness from Floyd Anderson:

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New Business: Creepy the Inexcusable

Under threat of Excommunication, Historia Discordia staff member Floyd Anderson finally came up with his Discordian Pope name: Creepy the Inexcusable. Of which the Goddess heartily approves. Check out Creepy’s webpage at

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Recent RAW Videos from Historia Discordia Staff

Historia Discordia’s video maven Floyd Anderson has upped some rare viddy interviews of Robert Anton Wilson. Behold and enjoy and let us know what you thunk! Robert Anton Wilson on Anarchism   Art Bell Interviews Robert Anton Wilson 7/17/1997   Rev. Ivan Stang Interviews Robert Anton Wilson on the Hour of Slack – Discordianism, Emperor […]

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OFFICIAL BUSINESS: Reviews, News, and Interviews

  With the recent release of Historia Discordia, the first book of several from the Erisian materials preserved in the Discordian Archives, multi-instances of unauthorized Discordian activity have been observed. Each and every fnord has been inappropriately cataloged for future chaos repercussions. Hail Eris! The following is a semi-listicle of Authorized Discordian Society Activity for […]

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And now for something completely fnord…

Historia Discordia staff member and video gurumph Floyd Anderson has released a new viddy-ditty that we thought would be of fnording interest to sombunall trouble-making Erisianoids. Enjoy if you dare! 9/11: A Mega Fnord from Floyd Anderson on Vimeo. “With this video I had in mind the Sacred Chao and what the reaction to 9/11 […]

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RAW and Stang Discuss Discordianism on the Hour of Slack

Fellow HD staff member Floyd Anderson just recently posted to Vimeo an Hour of Slack interview the Honorable Rev. Ivan Stang conducted with RAW in 1987. In said interview, Stang notes that “…Kerry Thornley was a famous SubGenius.” It was statements such as these which led me to write—in The Prankster and the Conspiracy—the […]

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VIDEO: Kerry Thornley on the Birth of Discordianism

I recently re-discovered a rarely seen video interview with Kerry Thornley from 1992, conducted by our friend Rev. Wyrdsli in the back room of A Cappella Books (in Little Five Points, Atlanta) where Kerry was living at the time. Below is the first clip in the video series, focusing on the birth of Discordianism as […]