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Operation Mindfuck and the Georgia Guidestones

OM: Letterhead Bavarian Illuminati,
From Rev. Creepy to RC Christian.
After adopting his Discordian persona of Creepy the Inexcusable, our man Floyd Anderson wasted no time reviving Operation Mindfuck (OM) by way of the Bavarian Illuminati letterhead provided here free of charge at, your full service Discordian mischief provider.

Intent on recreating a Bavarian Illuminati letter in the same manner as such forerunners as Mord, Mal-2 and Lord Omar, Floyd took it even further back old school by purchasing a yellowish orange vintage typewriter on which to perform his mindfuck.

Creepy orange typewriter on lower right, just before Floyd bought it.

The target of Floyd’s OM missive in this instance was one R.C. Christian of Georgia Guidestones fame. For those unfamiliar with the Guidestones, refer to staff member Groucho Gandhi’s primer on the subject here.

The inspiration for Floyd’s letter was the recent appearance of a six-sided cube at the Guidestones with 2014 engraved on it, a mystery discussed on a recent edition of Greg Carlwood’s The Higherside Chats with Jay Weidner.

Guidestones Capstone
In his letter, Floyd (aka Creepy) makes reference to an “Untarnished Conspiracy,” a phrase that’s an apparent nod and wink to a monument located at the Guidestones that indicates the author is the aforementioned “R.C. Christian (A Pseudonyn)”, which is certainly peculiar because “Pseudonym” appears to be intentionally misspelled and “R.C. Christian (A Pseudonyn)” is an anagram for Untarnished Conspiracy.

One would think that if R.C. Christian paid for precise words to be carved in granite on a major monument like this, would he really have been OK with a misspelled word?

And is JAM (also engraved on one side of the six-sided cube) a reference to the Justified Ancients of Mu Mu?

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“The official story was that Mummu was dead, killed in the war between the gods. When the first anarchist group arose, they called themselves Justified Ancients of Mummu. Like Lao-Tse and the Taoists in China, they wanted to get rid of usury and monopoly and all the other pigshit of civilization and go back to a natural way of life.”

-The Illuminatus! Trilogy page 127

For what it’s worth, I have heard over the years, that the person who funded the building of the Georgia Guidestones was Ted Turner. Yes, the CNN mogul. And I just noticed that “Ted Turner” can be found in the word “Untarnished”.

Yes, Spock, that indeed seems to be the conspiratorial word on the street: that Ted T. is the man behind the NWO plan. However, it seems conjecture at this point until more “concrete” evidence surfaces.

Live Long and Prosper,
Admiral Gorightly, Starfleet Command

If true, just wait for Ted Turner to pass away … 30 years at the most perhaps? Then if humanity destroys the stones and sees what happens … there may be an answer. If he’s responsible for leading some weird cabal that required his leadership, the stones won’t come right back, right?

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