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Bavarian Illuminati Letterhead for Fun and Profit

RAW Bavarian Illuminati Letter to Joanna Wilson, dated September 15, 1973.
Some good stuff being done by esoteric scholar, Christian Greer, who received a research fellowship to dive into the New York Public Library’s Timothy Leary archives established last year.

An illuminating snippet Christian has just posted is one of the infamous Bavarian Illuminati Letterheads sent from RAW to Leary’s wife Joanna in 1973 while Tim was serving time in the slammer.

Also included is some notebook stationary (created by Harold Lord Randomfactor) initiating RAW into the Discordian Society, courtesy of Discordian Society founder Mal-2 (aka Gregory Hill).

In the spirit of such long ago Illuminati inspired correspondences, we bring to you now—back by popular demand!—your very own pristine Discordian Bavarian Illuminati Letterhead (PDF)!

Download, share, write your Congresscritter, or hold it in your hand while you agitate loudly on street corners!

Brought to you by the Ancient Illuminated Seers of Bavaria (AISB).

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