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Greg Hill Article for Robert Shea’s Underground ‘No Governor’ Zine: ‘Why I Am Not An Anarchist’

With the approaching release of Illuminatus! way back in 1975, Robert Shea was still producing underground zines, in particular Shea’s then-new endeavor NO GOVERNOR (issues of which can still be had as PDFs on thanks to Shea’s son, Mike). During this pre-release era of Illuminatus!, Shea and Discordian co-founder Greg Hill were furiously exchanging […]

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We’re Fno-o-o-o-ord: Week 30 Illuminatus! Group Reading

And Historia Discordia is back! Dearest Eris decided to give us an unexpected end-of-summer week off due to some Markoff Chaney-style technical website hijinxery, Hail Eris!, but nothing lasts forever, so it’s time to get back on the horse… First up, a post meant for last week’s Illuminatus! Group Reading. Usually, we post an Eris […]

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Chasing Eris: The RAW Deal on Illuminatus! ’76/’77

The following is another draft excerpt from my forthcoming book Chasing Eris. The book documents my worldwide adventure to experience modern Discordian culture, meet its personalities, and discover elusive Erisian mysteries. Here’s a hint of what went down in London. —Brenton Clutterbuck         We’ve reached part two of the Chasing Eris adventure. […]

Discordian Timeline

Items from the Discordian Archives will appear on this historical timeline as they become available…   —1959— Greg Hill – The Complete Art of Collecting Belly-Button Lint   —1960— Apocalypse: A Trade Journal For Doom Prophets   —1961— Recently Discovered Poems by Greg Hill: ‘TO THE HUMAN RACE,’ ‘SYNDROME,’ etc.   —1962— Kerry Thornley and […]

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Letter: Robert Shea shares the Illuminatus! Cover Artwork Proofs with Greg Hill

One of my favorite finds in the Discordian Archives is this letter from Robert Shea to Greg Hill sent the summer before the release of Illuminatus!. The letter includes some great Erisian Mysteries insights. Such as Shea’s back-story on how cover artist Carlos Victor (Carlos Ochagavia) learned about Illuminatus! to create the individual book covers. […]

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The “Lost” Afterword to the Starseed Signals

Recently, we shared the never-to-be-RVP-foreword to Starseed Signals: A Link Between Worlds. And if that wasn’t enough, and of course it never is, I also penned an afterword for the RVP-never-to-be, which is a little dated in some regards, as it was composed in 2015 prior to a number of states in our great union […]

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The “Lost” Foreword to Starseed Signals

According to a recent post on RAWillumination, Hilaritas Press at long last, is poised to publish RAW’s Starseed Signals: Link Between Worlds, a book project I worked on for what seemed like dog years (Sirius-ly) when I was involved with the initial publisher who signed onto the project, RVP Press. However, at some point in […]

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Camden Benares and John F. Carr’s A LEGACY OF SEX, DEATH AND CHARISMA

“To follow is the third version of ‘A Legacy of Sex, Death and Charisma’ written by myself and Camden Benares around 1988. The first version was written by Camden and was significantly different, featuring a Marilyn Monroe film festival. Brother Ball was the main protagonist and it featured Fitzgerald Baker in a much different situation. […]

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C2C, JFK & The Cosmic Trigger Play: A Historia Discordia Triple Whammy

November 22nd commemorates a lot of things here at Historia Discordia, including the date we first launched this site—on JFK Assassination Day, no less!—an event forever after ingrained in Discordian mythology. And although we would never be so bold as to suggest that Eris had a five fingered hand in orchestrating the Killing of the […]

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Yesterday’s Synchronicity

Yesterday I was reviewing a list of potential posts for Historia Discordia, one of which is a piece I wrote on Robert Anton Wilson’s passing back in 2007. So I got to wondering what day RAW died, and thought it would be apropos to coincide posting the piece on that date. I did a quick […]