Kill The Buddha! Smash The State!

Here at the Historia Discordia Hindquarters, we recently received the following chaotic correspondence:

My treasured copy of Zenarchy bears not only Lord Omar’s signature, but this cartoon sketch and Discordian koan. (My speculation on it here, BTW: ) —Tom Swiss, Pope Zen Buffalo

Zenarchy signed by Kerry Thornley with illustration.
Courtesy of Pope Zen Buffalo.

Upon seeing this missive, Historia Discordia team member Groucho Gandhi, K.S.P., immediately validated Kerry Thornley‘s signing of Zenarchy for Pope Zen Buffalo because he has a copy of the Illuminet Press published book with the same Discordian koan signed by Thornley in the Discordian Archives donated for the greater grok by a friend.

Zenarchy, signed by Kerry Thornley.
Courtesy of the Discordian Archives.

So it appears Thornley signed copies of the book with this Discordian koan “Kill the Buddha! Smash the State!”

Let us know if you have a copy of Zenarchy, especially signed!


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Greg Hill Gets Letters (Part 00010)

A letter (date unknown, but probably from the mid-70s) sent to Greg Hill from the Hospice of St. Polly the Friendly (whoever she may have been) located in Vallejo, California.

1970s letter to Greg Hill from Hospice of St. Polly the Friendly.

Included with St. Polly’s letter were five free tickets, one of which you see pictured below.

Hospice of St. Polly the Friendly's ticket, one of five, included in the letter to Greg Hill.

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June 5th: This Day In Discordian History

On this day in Discordian history, in the year of our Goddess 3135 (June 5, 1969), Malaclypse the Younger, KSC, with the assistance of Sister Deacon Iona K. Fioderovna, did perform a quiet marriage ceremony for Gregory Hill and Jeanetta Ross.

All Hail the Chick What Done It All!

Greg Hill 1969 Press Release and Significant Announcement.

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She Was Lost, And Is Found: The Lost Treasure of Eris!

The Lost Treasures of Eris, click the cover image to download a PDF.
Courtesy of Alfred Vitale.

By popular demand, we post in its entirety the rare Discordian classic, The Lost Treasure of Eris, as we previously revealed.

Thanks to Alfred Vitale for scanning and sharing.

You can download the full version of The Lost Treasure of Eris PDF here!

Hail Eris and enjoy!

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May 2016 Eris of the Month: ‘Lady Eris’ by Victoria Grimalkin

May 2016 Eris of the Month, 'Lady Eris' by Victoria Grimalkin

Send us your Eris of the Month Club submissions (more info here) by using the form at the bottom of The MGT. page.

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A Discordian Directory

1980s Zine: A Discordian Directory No. 00024

Reason Magazine’s Jesse Walker, author of The United States of Paranoia: A Conspiracy Theory—which delves a bit into Discordian History and the Bavarian Illuminati—just gave me a heads up about A Discordian Directory #24, a zine published circa late 1980s that he recently posted at Scribd.

The title at the top of page 1 looks distinctly like lettering/artwork produced by our old friend Roldo Odlor who, as noted in previous posts, collaborated with both Kerry Thornley and Greg Hill and was involved with producing artwork for other like-minded Discordian zines during the zenith of the Zine Revolution.

A Discordian Directory was produced by an outfit dubbing itself B.I.T.C.H (The Bavarian Illuminati Tennessee Chapter Headquarters) consisting of a six page listing of an eclectic hodge-podge of Discordian-SubGenius-Anarchist and conspiratorial tracts, among them an obscure book called The Lost Treasure of Eris we had discussed first here and then here, in addition to such alternative publishing mainstays as Mike Hoy’s publishing company Loompanics that helped revive interest in Discordianism with the re-publication of Principia Discordia in 1977.

Page 2 includes an ad for Kerry Thornley’s Spare Change as well as some outfit peddling Robert Anton Wilson tapes along with scattered images of the Golden Apple, Mr. Spock, and Bob Dobbs with only one eye on his forehead.

Page 3 features another Thornley publication, Decadent Worker, and an ad for Mark Philip Steele’s Illuminatus! comix series.

Other offerings include Arthur Hlavaty’s The Dillinger Relic, Bob Black’s notorious anarchist manifesto The Abolition of Work, Donna Kossy’s Kooks, and Elayne Wechsler’s Inside Joke, a zine which featured the work of many renowned Discordians such as Thornley, Hill and Roldo. Also listed is Mike Gunderloy’s Factsheet Five which was the go-to publication during this period to find out what was happening on the bleeding edge of the Zine Movement.

The Illuminati biker club card was also a nice touch, from an actual honest-to-Goddess cabal situated in these United States.

Again, you can get the whole fine mess on Jesse Walker’s Scribd share.

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Recently Discovered Poems by Greg Hill

This just in from Bob Newport aka Rev. Hypocrates Magoun:

“For those of you who might have any interest at all into the personality of our PolyFather [Greg Hill], I am transcribing here a few poems that have recently turned up in a friend’s basement. Note: Original spellings by your PolyFather, not the transcriber. Rev. Hypoc.”


Hurry thru Hell,
      on your false footed steed.
Ashining in brilliant chrome.

Blunder thru flames,
      draw wisdom form naught,
Mark a well lighted path in the void. 

Dance, human, dance.

Gregory H. Hill 
      7-61 N.O.

July 1961 poem by Greg Hill, To The Human Race.


Oh look into the stars, I say,
    See all things beyond, I say,
        so Grand and ah, so Bright.

Discover all, so that I say,
    See all things profound, I say
        devour Sadful Night.

The light! I scream, do help, I say,
    Things around do play, I say,
        with Me, my god; the Light.

“All will be well, doth let me now,”
    Sayeth old physician,
        ”but bleed you son. 
            All will be well.”

Gregory H. Hill

March 1962 poem by Greg Hill, Syndrome.


I lay my pen to paper,
Driven by a soul incomprehensible,
And thoughts from the depths of a
            mind unknowing.

A self much too tired for its years–
So, so young in years.
Yet lonely and in despair,
Silently groping for a shred of 
            reality other than its own indescribable

Confusion reigns in this frustrated mind,
Like an omlette make of oil paints.
My windows are colored–I sense it–
            but I have no others.

Is there a door by which I may leave?
Is there a place to which leaving is desirable?
And, finallly, from whence would I be leaving?
            And why?

Like an omlette of oil paints ever stirring,
Ever swirrling, Ever mixing.
Chaos to shaos, only the variety keeps me going.

Gregory H. Hill

January 1963 poem by Greg Hill, Ego Ipse Solus Sum.

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April 2016 Eris of the Month – Eris Provocateur by Mylene Cagnoli

April 2016 Eris of the Month, 'Eris Provocateur' by Mylene Cagnoli

An wonderfully trouble-making Eris by Mylene Cagnoli.

Send us your Eris of the Month Club submissions (more info here) by using the form at the bottom of The MGT. page.

Hail Eris! All Hail Discordia!

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Discordianism Meets Ufology (Part 00002)

'Flying Saucers Are Real' button produced by Whittier, California's own Gabriel Green of the Amalgamated Flying Saucer Clubs of America, Inc.

Discordian Society founder Greg Hill remained interested in UFOs over the years, as revealed by clippings on the subject discovered in The Discordian Archives. In this regard, I suspect Hill’s interest was more concerned with the phenomenon’s sociological implications as opposed to any particular belief system (BS) he held in regards to whether UFOs were “real.”

Kerry Thornley, however, claimed that UFOs originated from below West Virginia, a notion he once shared with fellow Discordian Louise Lacey aka Lady L., F.A.B. (Fucking Anarchist Bitch.)

West Virginia—it should be noted—was a hotbed for high strangeness throughout the 1950s and 60s, first with the famous Flatwoods Monster sighting and then a series of UFO reports occurring in and around Point Pleasant, West Virginia during the same period as the fabled Mothman sightings reported by Fortean journalist John Keel in his classic The Mothman Prophecies.

How Thornley latched on to this West Virginia-UFO theory, I’m not quite sure, but by the mid-70s he began to connect man-made Nazi UFOs to the string of political assassinations of the late-60s as documented in an excerpt from a December 6th, 1976 letter sent to Greg Hill:

“The Nazis invented flying saucers during WWII and the assassinations and terrorism seem to have been part of an angry publicity stunt to bring to the world’s attention the engine in the UFOs, which uses no fossil fuels or uranium, but relies on electromagnetic principles to generate cheap, clean energy from the ions in the air or something. Gary Kirstein gave me all the hints I needed to put this thing together years ago, but I did not integrate them.

“See what I mean? It even gets weirder than that—at least more elaborate. But you get the idea. I’m a pawn in some stupid game of conspiracy politics.

“The outfit of Nazis who murdered JFK, MLK, RFK, and Tate were working for is a defense industry security agency called Defense Industrial Security Command (DISC). Hail Eris! An incredible amount of secret society terrorism within the Intelligence Community seems to have been carried out in the name of the Discordian Society.

“…It is possible I have a radio in one of my tooth fillings, installed by the CIA at Atsugi, and that I have dreams which are transmitted to me by the Nazi Shambala. It is also possible that both the CIA and DISC thought they had the transmitters for me and intended to use me, each to trick the other, in an abortive plot to overthrow the government. If this is the case, then I would appear to be a humanoid robot for freedom… You don’t have to believe this, but I am sincere, and it is one of the few premises that explains most of it…”

12/6/76 letter from Thornley to Greg Hill discussing UFOs,
as well as RAW, Leary and Howard Hughes' double.

Early Discordian Louise Lacey.

As for Louise Lacey, she witnessed a couple UFO sightings over the years, the first occurring in Texas as a child, and the second—and most mind-blowing—in Berkeley, California in the late 1970s, as recounted in this audio clip taken from an interview with yours truly.

Listen below,

or if that doesn’t work for you, download the MP3.

I recently came across a UFO incident description with accompanying illustration at Albert Rosales’s very groovy Humanoid and other strange encounters facebook page that looks a helluva lot like whatever it was Louise witnessed. (Hail Eris!)

Here’s the description from Humanoid and other strange encounters:

Laughing humanoids, France 1959

Location. Aubagne Bouches du Rhone France
Date: end of October 1959 Time: 1800

Miss Moulet, 45, was hanging out her washing in the twilight, with her 3 children, when she saw an egg-shaped object descend silently, to hover just above her. Through a wide triangular window in its front, strongly illuminated, she could see about 20 persons, tall, with wavy blond hair and very light skin, wearing white suits and short sleeves. They were smiling or perhaps laughing at her. The air became very cold. After 10-15 minutes the object took off again, disappearing in 2 or 3 seconds, leaving a slight trail.

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SMI^2LE! Cosmic Trigger Group Reading Enters Chapel Perilous… Never To Be Heard From Again

Chapel Perilous art from
Cosmic Trigger.

Over at a group reading of Robert Anton Wilson’s Cosmic Trigger: Final Secret of the Illuminati, Vol. 1 has just commenced in conjunction with the recent re-release of the book by Hilaritas Press, the publishing arm of the RAW Trust.

As time and inspiration allows, I’ll no doubt chime in!

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