FNORDS WE MISSED THE FIRST TIME: 2019 Andy Borowitz Article: Eris, Greek Goddess of Chaos, Confirms That She Wanted Trump to Be President

A year ago today, the idiot self-proclaimed ‘satirist,’ Andy Borowitz, a low-level employee of The New Yorker, for the first time ever finally composed some placeholder copy that was almost coy and mildly humorous. The New Yorker, presumably for a lack of deadline-filled column inches, actually published it. And we missed it at the time. Our apologies.

It was about Eris and President Trump. So be it, Goddess often uses lesser vessels for her OM mission’s goals. We will not judge her choice of conduit for stoking chaos.

Andy Borowitz's Eris Article About President Trump

Read what the dimwit wrote here:

“Speaking from her temple on Mt. Olympus, the usually reclusive deity said that Trump was ‘far and away’
her first choice to be President in 2016.”

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