5 Years Ago: Brenton Clutterbuck visits the Discordian Archives

Brenton Clutterbuck of the worldwide Chasing Eris project quest poses with the original Paste-Up Discordia (PUD) cover page.

Five years ago (Hail, Eris! for the Law of Fives!) Brenton Clutterbuck began his mission to visit and interview Discordians around the world for his soon to be released book Chasing Eris.

Here are a few pics and clips of Clutterbuck, a Discordian Archives contributor, visiting the Discordian Archives West and the Discordian Archives East during his 2013 travels.

First up, Clutterbuck films Adam Gorightly explaining all the confusion surrounding the history of the First Edition of the Principia Discordia, at the home of Louise Lacey in Berkeley, California.

After leaving the Left Coast, Clutterbuck found himself in the most conservative Republican county in the United States, Cobb County, Georgia, where he got a good, hard look at the Discordian Archives East. Here are a few pics of his visit:

Clutterbuck enthralled by source materials of the Discordian Archives East, March 2013.

Surrounded by Chaos!

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February Eris of the Month 2018: DC Comics Ares (not Eris) of New Earth

February Eris of the Month 2018:
DC Comics Ares from Wonder Woman.

CORRECTION: Some quick sloppy Internet research (is there any other kind?) by me got this Eris of the Month a little muddled. The above image is not of Eris, but Ares, God of War, brother to Eris. And from a different comic and timeline. Are we good or what? But we’ll keep it just the same. Story below has been updated with some interesting Erisian Mysteries. Caution as always with this knowledge for as it is commanded in the Pentabarf in the Principia Discordia, “A Discordian is Prohibited of Believing what he reads.” All errors were mine and I own them. Mine, mine, mine!
–The MGT.

First appearance of Eris in Wonder Woman Vol 1 #183, Page 00005.

The first appearance of Eris in DC Comics was in Wonder Woman Vol. 1 #183 (August, 1969), and in accordance with the Law of Fives, on Page 00005. All this takes place in the New Earth timeline.

Praise be to Our Lady of Discord, figuring out comic book universe timelines is all very confusing.

As I was trying to unmuddle this murky mess, Adam remembered seeing a copy of Wonder Woman Vol. 1 #183 in the Discordian Archives and upon review discovered some notes that Greg Hill had affixed to Page 00021 of the comic. The cypher at the top is the two Zwack Cyphers for classified Discordian communications as revealed on Page 00074 of the Principia Discordia. It reads:


Certified Miracle: Wonder Woman #168 with notes attached by Greg Hill on Page 00021.

After realizing the snafu and mixup of Eris with Ares for this month’s EOTM, another Erisian Mystery of Great Importance was discovered in the artwork of Ares:

The Five Fingered Hand of Eris on Ares' helmet?

Could this be the source for the The Five Fingered Hand of Eris on Page 00021 (coincidence???) of the Principia Discordia, or, could this mean a certain DC Comics artist was an Early Discordian?

Five Fingered Hand of Eris

Send us your Eris of the Month Club submissions (more info here) by using the form at the bottom of The MGT. page.

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Emails from the Acidman

Cover of
The Adventures of Acidman
by Ian S. Garlington.

I recently received an email from a fellow named Ian Garlington, who goes by the handle of the Acidman. Ian wrote:

…I did my doctoral research at Osaka University’s American Literature department on the influence of psychedelics on American sf and comics and started reading a lot about Bob Wilson and then Thornley and then you. I write about Alan Moore and Grant Morrison and Thomas Disch as well and I was strongly influenced by the temperament of all of this.

I like your version of Kerry Thornley much more than his own version. You got him from all the best angles. I keep a picture of him next to my desk and used to tell my students that I was his reincarnation.

Thank you very much for the Historia Discordia… I read every page in extreme detail and took notes. I explained about it in my American history class at Kansai Gaidai University…

I found a copy Prankster and Conspiracy on a book shelf in a witch store in Osaka but when I asked they told me that none of the books were for sale. I found a note inside that said in English “Never show or tell anyone about this book.” I don’t know why anyone would say that.

Your message in that book about how greyface got Thornley in the end, may be the warning that may save my life not too far off.

No way, fate is like iron rails, right? We can only affirm that we don’t have any clue what is about to happen next but it will happen in spite of and maybe as a result of our best efforts to escape it.

And then I had a mystical vision in which Robert Williams (comix artist) appeared to me at the same time that I felt experiential knowledge of the fourth dimension. There was a lot downloaded and I tried to record what was happening with a camera and a mic but the main message of it was, “your mission is to study Spinoza. I lost interest in all else and eventually quit lecturing and moved back to devote myself to founding Portland Weed Church, Portland Association of Deleuze Studies, Oxford Cognitives, and the Adventures of Acidman (as a household brand).

I published my dissertation as a book while in Japan but have not distributed it until now. I would like to send a copy to you if you are interested in seeing any of it…

Ian did indeed send me his book, the cover of which includes his psychedelic acrylic art. The full title is The Adventures of Acidman: Psychedelics and the Evolution of Consciousness in Science Fiction and Superhero Comics from the 1960s Onward (Amazon), including chapters like “An Anatomy of Cosmic Conspiracy: The Function of Fragmentation in the Illuminatus! Trilogy” and “Comics’ Cosmic Poetry: Pyshcedelics, Chaos and the Poetics of Comics in Grant Morrison’s The Invisibles.”

When I emailed Ian back asking if I could share his emails, he replied:

Yes, of course you can share that story. I was trying to find the VICE TV documentary about erotic witches in Tokyo where there are some interviews with the guy who is most likely the owner of the books on that shelf.

I met this man in person only once in a shower room in a psychiatric clinic where both patients and the doctor’s club friends were partying all night, mingling in an uninhibited environment (I believe I was invited as a “club friend” because the patients all said that they were visiting the clinic on a weekly basis, but you never know).

The warlock was completely naked.  He asked me a few questions and then told me he thought it was my mission to balance the cosmic scales by forming a new branch of Discordianism capable of defeating the newest incarnations of Greyface (in Japanese). That is what I am doing now. I paraphrase this sometimes these days as “getting the heroic dose of psychedelics to the center of the singularity before Google Flesh Cyborg self lobotomizes.” Kind of a John Lilly level of cosmic dualistic struggle.



Here’s a YouTube of the Acidman creating some of his acrylic psychedelic art:

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An Issue of Discordianism: Psychedelic Press XXIII

Psychedelic Press, No. 23

The latest issue of Psychedelic Press (No. 23, synchronistically) is dedicated to Discordianism and psychedelics, and features an essay by yours truly entitled “Sex, Drugs and Discordia.”

Other contributors include Nikki Wyrd, Havelock Ellis, John Constable aka John Crow, Ben Graham, Catherine Kneale, David Lee, Adrian Reynolds, Andy Gell, and Discordian Society co-founder, Gregory Hill.

Be sure to grab your copy!

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January Eris of the Month 2018: Vintage 2014 Eris Chardonnay by Carneros Estate

January Eris of the Month 2018: Vintage 2014 Eris Chardonnay by Carneros Estate

Lots of chaotically wondrous things were happening in the world of Eris in 2014, such as Daisy Campbell’s Cosmic Trigger Play, which I had the good fortune of attending in merry old Liverpool on November 22, 2014.

Not to mention the double-barreled release of my two Discordian related books, Historia Discordia and Caught in the Crossfire.

On top of it all came this vintage wine straight outta Napa.

Hail Eris.

Thanks to my friend Christy S. for providing the photo.

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Chaos Reigns! 3184 Year of Our Lady of Discord: Happy Bogey’s Day

Camden Benares demonstrating How to Have Fun and Be Happy.

Once more we’ve Flat Earthed around-the-sun to the tune of pure confoundment fuddledom and confusions.

Trippy YOLD, y’all… and Happy Bogey’s Day!

Sweetmorn Chaos 1st, YOLD 3184

2018 Bogey's Day 3184 YOLD

Camden Benares’ List of Discordian Holidays

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December Eris of the Month 2017: Eris Xmas by PixalTrix

December Eris of the Month 2017: Eris Xmas by PixalTrix

Check out PixalTrix’s DeviantArt page, Naughty X-mas Eris. Happy Holydays!

Send us your Eris of the Month Club submissions (more info here) by using the form at the bottom of The MGT. page.

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Ave Eris, Gratia Plena: The Pasts of Discordian Christmas

Have a Kerry Christmas!

Discordianism is well-known to tolerate the traditional holidays and holydays of other delusional systems of belief and Christmas is no exception.

To demonstrate, here are some festive reason-for-the-season articles from the Discordian Archives about the pasts of Discordian Christmas.

Bless us, Eris!

Fa La La La La, La La La fnord La!

RAW 1975 Xmas Card

1975 Christmas Card from Robert Anton Wilson, front. Courtesy of the Discordian Archives.

Cinema Rio Christmas Card

Cinema Rio Christmas Card, Front.

A Christmas Story: Excerpt from Kerry Thornley’s THE IDLE WARRIORS

Marine Oswald Xmas

A Very Merry Manson Christmas To All

A Kerry Thornley Flyer: A Letter From Charles Manson. Courtesy the Discordian Archives.

Merry Xmas All!

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Love is Alive and Well: The Stan Jamison Files

Among the more prodigious correspondents of the 1970s Discordian letter writing circle was a fellow named Stan Jamison (aka Coman Ra – Lt. Colonel, Commanding 1st Intergalactic Confederacy Advance Detail—Planet Shan) who was a rather enigmatic sort in that he didn’t fit the typical mold of what some might consider a Discordian. Of course, using the term “typical” to describe a Discordian is oxymoronic, as there was nothing close to typical about any of the Early Discordians.

The Stan Jamison files. All three and a half inches.
Courtesy of the Discordian Archives.

Many have associated the early Discordians with the hippie movement (whatever that actually was) and it can’t be denied that Greg Hill and his fellow travelers were heavily immersed in and influenced by the 1960s counterculture, and were students and practitioners of its myriad forms of expression, including alternative religions, non violent political protest, Anarcho-Libertarianism, and an irreverent sense humor that permeated their colorful network of guerilla ontologists.

Even though he was described, at times, as a semi-fascist right wing kind of guy, Jamison was into what some might consider some pretty hippy dippy type shit himself, and to some degree his interactions with Discordian Society members certainly rubbed off on him in terms of being able to see different sides of an issue and immerse himself in different reality tunnels he might not have normally ventured into or engaged in.

Jamison was a self described “naturopath,” a practitioner of natural healing and out of the box therapies who ran a mailing list dedicated to a wide range of topics such as growing organic sprouts, how to cure cancer via oxidation, and other alternative healing cures.

The Stan Jamison Files: 'Doc Jamison Speaks'

In this circa 1970 memo to Louise Lacey, Greg Hill shared his thoughts about the semi-enigmatic Doc Jamison.

Page 00001 of memo on Doc Jamison from Greg Hill to Louise Lacey, circa 1970.
Courtesy of the Discordian Archives.

Page 00002 of memo on Doc Jamison from Greg Hill to Louise Lacey, circa 1970.
Courtesy of the Discordian Archives.

At the time, Louise was the secretary of the Earth People’s Park (EPP).

To this end, Greg Hill’s comment (re Jamison supporting EPP) was emblematic of the sort of out of the box strategic thinking he often showcased in his writings. In this case the notion that Jamison could help promote a left leaning concept like EPP to a right wing audience who under normal circumstances might view EPP as a manifestation of Socialism. In reality, EPP slid more toward the anarchic side of the political scale, i.e. less government, which was the sweet spot where mutual interests between the left and the right sides of the political spectrum could find common ground.

Like his fellow Discordian conspirators, Jamison took part in many of the prank letter writing campaigns referred to as “jakes.” Once such jake was initiated by Discordian Thomas Patrick McNamara (aka Thomas the Gnostic) to The Rag, a counterculture mag out of Austin, Texas.

April 9, 1970: Thomas the Gnostic’s Illuminati letter to The Rag.
Courtesy of the Discordian Archives.

Others, of course, soon joined in on the fun, including Jamison with his own Illuminati letter to The Rag that included an honest to goddess pope card for The Rag’s “Illuminati Editor.”

June 10, 1970: Doc Jamison's Illuminati letter to The Rag, page 00001.
Courtesy of the Discordian Archives.

June 10, 1970: Doc Jamison's Illuminati letter to The Rag, page 00002.
Courtesy of the Discordian Archives.

During the late 1960s, Jamison resided in Irwin, California, or—as he called it—“The Free City of Irwin” where I guess he had his own branch of The Universal Life Church (ULC), a non-profit ministry whose headquarters were located in the nearby town of Modesto.

ULC became famous (or infamous, as the case may be) for ordaining ministers for a “free will love offering” and was a huge influence on The Discordian Society. Greg Hill, in fact, became an ordained ULC minister, and in the decades to follow thousands in the U.S. and abroad would receive their minister’s credentials through the organization.

Greg Hill's ULC Minister's card.
Courtesy of the Discordian Archives.

One aspect of ULC that resonated with Greg Hill—and that became part of the Discordian ethos—was the idea that anyone anywhere at any given time could become a holy man or holy woman (a pope or mome.) ULC became popular during the Vietnam War era when many potential draftees from across this great land of ours obtained their very own ministerial credentials in the hopes it would help them steer clear of the war (on religious grounds), a notion that resonated deeply within the Discordian ranks and led to other like-minded correspondences/interactions, one of which was with Archbishop Gordon L. Cruikshank, an anti-gov/anti-tax advocate/militant of a certain stripe who had created his own religious organization called The Life Science Church in Rolling Meadows, Illinois.

Page 00001 of Archbishop Gordon L. Cruikshank's March 29, 1970 letter to Stan Jamison.

Page 00002 of Archbishop Gordon L. Cruikshank's March 29, 1970 letter to Stan Jamison.

Greg Hill was also a card carrying member of this outfit. (Of course there was never an alternative religion that Greg Hill met that he didn’t like.)

Greg Hill's Certificate of Ordination from Gordon L. Cruikshank's Life Science Church, Inc.

Another colorful character who came into the orbit of Hill and Jamison was W. John Weilgart, an Austrian philologist/psychoanalyst and the mastermind/madman behind “aUI,” a so-called constructed language or what Weilgart referred to as “the language of space.”

According to Brad Steiger, as a child Weilgart learned about aUI from a literal “little green spaceman” who informed him that this “space language” was used by all sentient beings throughout the cosmos, and that if adopted by humankind it could cure every one of irrational thinking patterns.

This aUI Wikipedia entry describes aUI as:

Weilgart’s motivation for inventing the language was to create a form of communication based on what he proposed to be universal, basic elements of human thought and expression, and incorporated it into his psychotherapy work.

A good summary of aUI can be found at The Anomalist.

Jamison forwarded three items to Louise Lacey that included a one page explainer on aUI; a letter about aUI and how it could be used as the official language of Earth People’s Park; and a letter from Weilgart to Jamison and Doc Iggy (aka Greg Hill) that apparently was in response to material The Discordians were circulating about nudes in San Francisco that “were soldiers in the Om United New World Nude Brigade.”

One page explainer on aUI.
Courtesy of the Discordian Archives.

Stan Jamison's July 5, 1970 letter to Louise Lacey on aUI.
Courtesy of the Discordian Archives.

July 14, 1970 letter from John Weilgart to Stan Jamison.
Courtesy of the Discordian Archives.

Jamison received a couple more letters from Weilgart detailing plans for a summer of 1970 West Coast visit that would be coordinated by Jamison and Hill to include speaking gigs and media appearances not to mention Weilgart trying to wrangle some nudie models for a body painting exhibit dedicated to his space language.

John Weilgart's letter to Stan Jamison. Date unknown.
Courtesy of the Discordian Archives.

July 17, 1970 letter from John Weilgart to Stan Jamison.
Courtesy of the Discordian Archives.

There was more back and forth correspondence, but suffice it to say I could no evidence that this Discordian-Weilgart hook-up ever actually took place, though the vision of voluptuous nudes with aUI body paint shines bright in my mind’s eye.

Doc Jamison's official Declaration of War.
Courtesy of the Discordian Archives.

In his 1986 broadsheet Kultcha Issue #28 entitled “Coman-Ra,” Jamison’s Discordian name, Kerry Thornley wrote:

Since 1970, though, Greg Hill and I both had been receiving from him everything from advice about how to grow organic sprouts to racist newspapers published by White Christians who were armed and quite dangerous. In reply to one of my memos about Kirstein [aka Brother-in-Law] that had fallen into his hands indirectly, he wrote me to say that the tragedy in Dallas [Kennedy's assassination] was plotted by the Secret Order of Thule in such a way as to assure that no cover-up could remain convincing forever. Motive: to make the American public paranoid about their government and mass media. For paranoia, he told me, is a big step in the direction of mental health.

People who become paranoid, Coman-Ra [Stan Jamison] wrote, will not rest until they discover every last shred of truth. Among the devices used to encourage awareness of conspiracy were the many crude Oswald impersonations that occurred just previous to the assassination. Puzzled for more than a decade about exactly that mystery, I had to admit this was the first credible hypothesis to explain it without making the assassins look like idiots. And had they been less than geniuses, there’d have been no cover-up at all.

Coman-Ra further informed me that the conspiracy was constructed in concentric circles, like Chinese boxes, with descending levels, so that only the “man at the center” understood afterwards exactly what had happened. Of course, I could not ignore the possibility that man might have been the person I call Brother-in-law.

What brought the many loose ends in the John Kennedy murder mystery together for me was this realization that it was a maximum complicity crime. Various factions must have been deliberately implicated on a blind-alliance basis, so that once the event occurred, every group of conspirators was startled at evidence of participation by someone besides themselves.

What brought the many loose ends in the John Kennedy murder mystery together for me was this realization that it was a maximum complicity crime. Various factions must have been deliberately implicated on a blind-alliance basis, so that once the event occurred, every group of conspirators was startled at evidence of participation by someone besides themselves.

Like Brother-in-law, Jamison seemed morbidly fascinated with Hitler and Nazi Germany. Both men mentioned in particular little-known aspects of the Third Reich — such as the secret pagan rituals of the SS and the occult beliefs of Hitler’s cohorts. Both repeated a rumor that Nazi rocket scientists discovered energy secrets the oil companies were repressing to this day. And whether either or both were living some kind of macabre hoax or were absolutely fanatical was impossible to decide, since neither man was without humor. For instance, [Jamison] always signed off with: “Love is Alive and Well.”

As might be anticipated, it struck me that perhaps Jamison and Gary Kirstein were the same person, so in 1977 I dropped in on Jamison unexpectedly at his address in Turlock, California. Not only was he not the same man I had conversed with in New Orleans, but it was plain that the spine-chilling ranting in his letters was just a big put-on. That isn’t to say his information about the assassination could not have been valid. A warm, intelligent human being obviously unsympathetic to Fascism, he nevertheless seemed quite versed in secret society politics.

“I come on all hairy like that in my letters,” he told me, “to scare off government agents.”

Stanton Jamison: United States Social Security Death Index

Even though he put out a lot of articles about how to cure cancer with oxidation and live forever by eating wheat germ, it appears (according to the U.S. Social Security Index) that Jamison lived only to the age of 75, dying in California on April 29, 1996, around that same time period (give or take a year or two) that so many of his Discordian brethren likewise cashed in their chips: Thornley in 1998, Camden Benares in 1999, and Greg Hill in 2000.

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A Preview of RAW Day Videos!

Teaser for more videos and interviews to come
from the RAW Day July 23, 2017 extravaganza.

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