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Greg Hill Letter to Timothy Leary

Submitted for your approval, a letter from Greg Hill (aka Malaclypse the Younger) to Timothy Leary, High Priest of LSD, from February 8, 1969.

Not sure if Greg enclosed anything else with the letter, or if there was any particular reason behind it other than to try to blow the mind of the very same man who had done so much to corrupt the youth of America.

Greg Hill letter to Timothy Leary, February 8, 1969.
Courtesy of the Discordian Archives.

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Hello Mr. Gorightly,
I have done some research in the Timothy Leary archive held at the New York Public Library and can confirm that he had a Pope card, as well as another Discordian artifact I have not seen before. It was a yellow ticket, the size of a book mark, which read: ‘(1) Free Ticket (1) : It’s not worth anything~ it’s just free ~ Courtesy of the Discordian Society.’ The ticket also had the ‘Kallisti apple’ graphic as well as some other writing stipulating that it was a ticket. Have you come across a similar artifact in your archives, and if so, could it be dated?


Great to hear….Yes, I have come across the free ticket and will post it shortly…so I would guess that Leary got the Discordian goodies from either Hill or RAW….did you see any letters from RAW to Leary in the archives…early to mid 70s?

I was indeed looking for the correspondence between RAW and Leary while the latter was doing time in Folsom, as excerpted in Cosmic Trigger Vol.1 Alas, I was unable to find them. The archive is massive, so, perhaps they will surface eventually.

Tim spoke fondly of Kerry, as well as Brian Barritt, whom he described as “the world’s most notorious heroin addict”. Dang, these fellers sure had some interesting times. Thanks for sharing Kerry’s beautiful life with us.

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