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While on the topic of Pope Cards…

While on the topic of Pope Cards, a fine addition to the theme was created a few years back by my friend St. Mae over at, a card made specifically for The Robert Anton Wilson Cosmic Meme-Orial back in 2007. Mae passed on a bundle of these beauties to me during a visit last […]

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Stunning “New” Pope Card Discovery

Your humble Discordian documenter has just discovered a “new” pope card in the Archives that apparently originated from the POEE Side Temple in Omaha, Nebraska, produced by The Green Ink Cabal, date unknown. The unique feature of the card is the backside that includes 5 privileges which, of course, correspond to the fabled Law of […]

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A Barrage of Three (3) Popes

After seeing this “Barrage of Popes” ad in the June 19th, 1970 edition of The Los Angeles Herald Examiner, Greg Hill (aka Dr. Ignotum P. Ignotius—Successor to Malaclypse) sent the following pithy letter along with three (3) Pope Cards—in addition to a five pointed gold star—to the three (3) Popes in question who were starting […]

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Love is Alive and Well: The Stan Jamison Files

Among the more prodigious correspondents of the 1970s Discordian letter writing circle was a fellow named Stan Jamison (aka Coman Ra – Lt. Colonel, Commanding 1st Intergalactic Confederacy Advance Detail—Planet Shan) who was a rather enigmatic sort in that he didn’t fit the typical mold of what some might consider a Discordian. Of course, using […]

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This Day In Discordian History: June 11, 1970

According to the June 11, 1970 edition of The San Francisco Chronicle: “Two willowy blondes walked nude down Market street yesterday, hand-in-hand with a naked dwarf who had a peg-leg and a beard. “The three of them, at the height of the evening rush-hour traffic, commanded considerable attention. “They said they were soldiers in the […]

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Semi-Recent Additions to the Discordian Archives: Principia Discordia Editions

Sometimes people send me things here at the Discordian Archives… and sometimes I get around to writing about them. Hence the title “semi-recent” as it’s been several months since I received the items in question—two different versions of Principia Discordia (PD)—one being a Russian translation sent by a chaotic comrade in Russia named Ivan who […]

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Tales of the Brunswick Shrine (Part 00004)

My own personal Brunswick Shrine closed in 2012, the very same year the world was supposed to end—and it might as well have for all I care!—because Cedar Lanes is where I’d spent much of my wayward youth bowling and playing Pong and pinball and enjoying the most wondrous cheeseburgers that your belly-brain can imagine! […]

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Chasing Eris: Emperor Norton, Discordian Saint

The following article is yet another draft excerpt from my forthcoming book Chasing Eris. The book documents my worldwide adventure to experience modern Discordian culture, meet its personalities, and discover elusive Erisian mysteries. —Brenton Clutterbuck   One of the Saints of Discordia (and saints do not have to be dead, agreed upon or even have […]

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Greg Hill’s Note To Self

Here’s a page from Greg Hill’s notebook, date unknown. Apparently, Greg planned to ordain David Ossman of the Firesign Theatre at one point, although I don’t know if this Discordian ordination ever actually occurred, short of Greg sending Ossman a Pope Card, which probably did nothing more than mystify the poor fellow, wondering who the […]

Discordian Timeline

Items from the Discordian Archives will appear on this historical timeline as they become available…   —1959— Greg Hill – The Complete Art of Collecting Belly-Button Lint   —1960— Apocalypse: A Trade Journal For Doom Prophets   —1961— Recently Discovered Poems by Greg Hill: ‘TO THE HUMAN RACE,’ ‘SYNDROME,’ etc.   —1962— Kerry Thornley and […]