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SHOUT OUT: Steamshovel Press Winter 2015: The Tyrant’s Foe. The People’s Friend.

Kenn Thomas has released the latest edition of Steamshovel Press as a $2.99 digital download with a dead-on retro zine cover that clearly nods to the Principia Discordia.

Steamshovel Press Winter 2015 Edition.
Grab your copy here.

A great issue on a variety of subjects and with this slick piece of work tucked into it:

“Aside from David Ferrie, there was no other among Jim Garrison’s sordid cast of suspects more colorful than Kerry Wendell Thornley, who not only co-founded the spoof religion Discordianism in 1958, but was also writing a novel, The Idle Warriors, based on Lee Harvey Oswald three years before JFK’s assassination. Garrison claimed that The Idle Warriors—as well as Thornley’s non-fiction work, Oswald—were attempts to set up his old Marine Corps pal prior to the assassination. If that wasn’t enough, Garrison claimed that Thornley was a CIA agent who impersonated Oswald and had an affair with his wife Marina…”

Read more of “Kerry Thornley’s FBI Files” by Adam Gorightly in the latest issue of STEAMSHOVEL PRESS.

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