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Roger Lovin: Illuminatus! Group Reading Weeks 18 & 19

During Saul Goodman’s visit to the Playboy Club in Illuminatus! (Page 173, Week 18)—where he was apparently drugged, abducted and subjected to all sorts of MK-ULTRA-style perversions straight out of A Clockwork Orange—Saul (or Barney Muldoon, or whoever he actually is now) finds himself in a hospital room (Page 189, Week 19) attended to by […]

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Week 7: Illuminatus Group Reading: Kerry Thornley

My comments on Week 7 of the Illuminatus! group reading will deal primarily with Kerry Thornley’s influence on Illuminatus! and, conversely, how some of the Illuminatus! characters began to manifest themselves in his life—the imaginary manifesting as real—at least from Kerry’s perspective. By the time Illuminatus! was published in 1975, Kerry began suffering severe bouts […]

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Kerry Thornley: Anarchist, Bard, Etc.

Kerry Thornley was many things to many people. Discordian, anarchist, Zen Buddhist, JFK assassination conspirator, acid gobbling hippie, pornographer, paranoid schizophrenic and MK-ULTRA mind control victim—to name but a few of his many personas, or how he was perceived. The old Kris Kristofferson song sums up Kerry quite succinctly: “He’s a walking contradiction, partly truth […]