Kill The Buddha! Smash The State!

Here at the Historia Discordia Hindquarters, we recently received the following chaotic correspondence:

My treasured copy of Zenarchy bears not only Lord Omar’s signature, but this cartoon sketch and Discordian koan. (My speculation on it here, BTW: ) —Tom Swiss, Pope Zen Buffalo

Zenarchy signed by Kerry Thornley with illustration.
Courtesy of Pope Zen Buffalo.

Upon seeing this missive, Historia Discordia team member Groucho Gandhi, K.S.P., immediately validated Kerry Thornley‘s signing of Zenarchy for Pope Zen Buffalo because he has a copy of the Illuminet Press published book with the same Discordian koan signed by Thornley in the Discordian Archives donated for the greater grok by a friend.

Zenarchy, signed by Kerry Thornley.
Courtesy of the Discordian Archives.

So it appears Thornley signed copies of the book with this Discordian koan “Kill the Buddha! Smash the State!”

Let us know if you have a copy of Zenarchy, especially signed!


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One Response to Kill The Buddha! Smash The State!

  1. drjon says:

    just signed. not extra coolness koan.

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