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Introducing Dr. Mungojerry Grindlebone: Week 53 of the Illuminatus! Group Reading

On Page 566 of Illuminatus! we are introduced to a passage from Principia Discordia called “Sink” that is attributed to Ala Hera, E.L., N.S.

Sink as it appears in the Principia Discordia, page 000066.
Original SINK document authored by Bob McElroy sent to Greg Hill aka Mal-2.
Courtesy of the Discordian Archives.

The actual Discordian author of “Sink” was better known as Dr. Mungojerry Grindlebone or just plain “Mungo” (real name Bob McElroy) an active player in the early New Orleans Discordian scene of the late-60s.

Supposed self-portrait of Bob McElroy. Courtesy of the Discordian Archives.

McElroy was apparently a Discordian recruiter of sorts as seen from this blurry advertisement (sorry about the poor reproduction!) that appeared in a New Orleans counterculture newspaper called The Ungarbled Word published by fellow Discordian Roger Lovin (aka Fang the Unwashed.) At the bottom of this recruitment notice we see McElroy’s P.O. Box address in Rayville, LA.

Discordian recruitment notice authored by Mungo
from August of 1968 as it appeared in The Ungarbled Word.

Although I know less about Bob McElroy than most of the other Early Discordians of the period, his contributions to Principia Discordia are noteworthy, which include an Erisian Hymn on page 00019, a poem on page 00026 as well as Sink on page 00066.

An Erisian Hymn as it appeared in Principia Discordia, page 00019.
An Erisian Hymn submitted to Mal-2 for later inclusion in Principia Discordia.
Courtesy of the Discordian Archives.
A poem by Rev. Dr. Grindlebone from Principia Discordia, page 00026.

For more Discordian knowledge as fiction that is fact but fiction contained within Illuminatus!, point your browser to the book’s group reading page at

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