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Bavarians, Beethoven, and Bloodshed: Week 13 Illuminatus! Group Reading

I’ve been on the road of late and so finally getting around to commenting on the most recent Illuminatus! group reading (after a couple weeks MIA) reporting from an undisclosed location somewhere in Spook Central, VA where I’m using my … Continue reading

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Elektronik Supersonik: Discordians See All, most of the time.

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Hymn Again! Another Discovered Discordian Hymn

Not sure if Daisy Eris Campbell is still on the look-out for more Erisian inspired songs, but if so, I just stumbled upon another here in the Discordian Archives courtesy of an Early Discordian named Dr. Mungojerry Grindlebone (aka Bob … Continue reading

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The Battle Hymn of the Eristocracy

Over at twitter Daisy Eris Campbell tweets: A rousing Discordian song needed, I feel. Composed entirely of Illuminatus + Discordian quotes. Please send your faves. #cosmictriggerplay — Daisy Eris (@DaisyEris) March 25, 2014 This reminded me of what was perhaps … Continue reading

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Robert Anton Wilson and The Golden Horde

Robert Anton Wilson first met Ireland’s most fnord notorious “psychedelic/garage/trash punk” band, The Golden Horde, while on vacation in Dublin in the early-80s. In 1985, The Golden Horde released their first LP, The Chocolate Biscuit Conspiracy!, on Hotwire Records with … Continue reading

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