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And The 23s Just Keep On Comin’! #CosmicTrigger

Cosmic Trigger: The Play. The life and times of Illuminatus! co-author Robert Anton Wilson.
On 5/23, Daisy Eris Campbell and her band of merry Discordian Pranksters launched their crowdfunding for the Cosmic Trigger play, which you can find more about at their indiegogo page and from the video below:

Through my remarkable remote viewing powers I’ve had the opportunity to sneak a peek at Daisy’s play, and I must say she’s done a marvelous job of weaving all of RAW’s Chapel Perilous craziness together in a freewheeling romp that includes appearances by Greg Hill and Kerry Thornley, to boot.

Among the Cosmic Trigger perks included at the crowdfunding page are some signed books by yours truly, so surf on over there and gobble up some goodies in support of the Golden Apple Corps. Here’s Douglas Rushkoff endorsing the Cosmic Trigger fund raising drive.

In other important business, 5/23 was also the day the presses starting churning out my latest book Historia Discordia: The Origins of the Discordian Society (RVP Press), although it will be about a week before you start seeing it pop up for purchase, so hang in there and as soon as we have a purchase link, you’ll be the first to fnord know!

According to my publisher for Historia Discordia, part of the delay stemmed from the fact that when he reviewed a test copy of the book, he discovered page 123 had been printed twice.

I kid you not. Hail Eris, of course.

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