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A Brief Conversation with Adam Curtis

In early March, I was interviewed by BBC film maker Adam Curtis, who—it so happens—possesses a keen interest in Greg Hill, Kerry Thornley, and Discordianism.

Adam returned the favor, and granted me a short interview where—among other things—he explains what drew him to our Discordian Society co-founders.

Hail Eris! All Hail Hypernormality!

or listen at

Radio GoGo with Adam Gorightly on SoundCloud.

5 replies on “A Brief Conversation with Adam Curtis”

Just stumbled upon this – absolutely fascinating. Thanks for putting it out there. Curtis seems very good at raising certain questions/perspectives that never occur to most political radicals. (And he does it in that very elitist-sounding BBC English voice!). I had no idea he was interested in these areas (Discordianism/RAW etc).

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