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RAW on Crowley and Parsons

The above interview of RAW on Aleister Crowley was a real eye opener for me when I initially heard it back in the 90s, as RAW was the first observer (that I recall) who drew a comparison between Crowley’s portrait of Lam and the alien gray illustration on the cover of Whitley Strieber’s Communion (Amazon), […]

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Addendum to “The Raymond Broshears Files Part 00001”

Tom Jackson over at recently posted “More wild JFK probe information from Adam Gorightly” which further fleshed out my Historia Discordia offering “The Raymond Broshears Files Part 1,” and, in specific, Broshears association with Rev. Billy James Hargis, who during the 60s and early-70s operated a ministry called the Christian Crusade. Rev. Broshears—as I […]

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RAW vs. Mae Brussell!

The spring 1977 issue of Conspiracy Digest featured an interview with Robert Anton Wilson (RAW) in which he discussed the full spectrum of where his head was at during the period. Fresh off the publication of Illuminatus!, the interview included RAW’s musings on conspiracy theories, space migration, life extension, the Eight Circuit Model and Aleister […]

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Giger Meets Illuminatus!

Over at our Early Discordians facebook group, Sirius Mazzu posted a rather illuminating link that seemed to be news to everyone in the group concerning a 1978 H. R. Giger Illuminatus! illustration, which incorporated Tim Leary, H.P. Lovecraft, and possibly Aleister Crowley as characters in addition to little alien dudes on stilts numbered 5, 17, […]

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Cosmic Trigger Online Reading Group, Week 19

Thanks to Charles Faris for inviting me take the helm for this week’s Cosmic Trigger reading. I ended up writing a lot more than I’d initially intended… but sometimes that happens! (I blame it on the Dog Days.) We pick up with The horrors begin (page 150 of the Hilaritas edition) through to Ishtar’s Walk: […]

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Information Awareness Office (IAO) Revisited

Established in January 2002 in the aftermath of 9/11, the Information Awareness Office (IAO) was a short-lived agency that oversaw the U.S. domestic surveillance program. In 2003, IAO was axed by Congress following public criticism that the agency was overstepping its Constitutional authority. What with the in-your-face all-seeing eye in the triangle seemingly torn straight […]

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Lost Treasure of Eris Revisited

We recently posted some scans from a little Discordian ditty called the Lost Treasure of Eris. The fellow who sent the scans, Alfred Vitale, was pleased as punch about this, and sent me a few more snapshots of this Erisian wonder, along with these comments: LOVED the piece on your blog! Finally started Historia Discordia… […]

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The RAW-OTO-Illuminati Rabbit Hole

Recent conversations with J Fox Sircy have led me down a certain RAW-OTO-Illuminati rabbit hole first mentioned in Cosmic Trigger Volume I, The Final Secret of the Illuminati—page 225, to be exact: I have now encountered the “real” Head of the “real” Illuminati several times…. The first real Head I met was Rev. Thomas Patrick […]

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‘Working Class Hero Magazine’ Interview With Kerry Thornley

Back somewhere in the mid-90s, my pal Matt Lutz of Working Class Hero Magazine conducted this wonderful interview with Kerry Thornley. I’ve lost touch with Matt over the years, but I’m sure he wouldn’t mind us reviving it here. —Adam Gorightly      

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Discordian Works [Citation Needed].

I’m going to get up on my soapbox to try and address one of the most serious and pressing issues of our modern age. The Wikipedia page on Discordian Works is a joke. I don’t have the time and inclination right at this second to edit what has time and time again been a bloodbath […]