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An Amazing Discordian Discovery: The Lost Treasure of Eris

Thanks to Alfred Vitale for sharing these scans of a rare and for the most part unknown Discordian tract entitled The Lost Treasure of Eris: Or How Eris Found Me, and What She Did to Me, When She Found Me … Continue reading

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Off The Deep End Interview With RAW

One of my all time fav zines was Tim Cridland’s Off The Deep End (OTDE) that could best be described as… well, I don’t know, exactly. A mix of all kinds of weird information that sometimes came across as a … Continue reading

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There Is No Enemy Anywhere: Week 24 Illuminatus! Group Reading

Week 24 of the Illuminatus! Group Reading: On Page 236 of Illuminatus! (Amazon) , a mysterious business card that says THERE IS NO ENEMY ANYWHERE is discovered by some cops while searching the room of an apparent suicide victim named … Continue reading

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Discordian Inter-Office Memos

Although a Discordian, sometime anarchist and full time anti-establishmentarian, Greg Hill was also a product of the corporate world. Due to this Dilbert-like influence, Greg created a form letter of sorts modeled after inter-office memos one would see in corporate … Continue reading

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Sex, Drugs, Treason: Illuminati Membership Affirmation

For your approval, a membership affirmation that Kerry Thornley concocted in the mid-70s while attending Georgia State University as a method to induct members of the student body into the dreaded Bavarian Illuminati.

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