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Off-Topic Video: Gorightly on Mandate’s Weird War: Jack Parsons and the Devil’s Gate Dam

Definitely an off-topic post for our mission of documenting Discordianism on this site, but Early Discordian Robert Anton Wilson was an admirer of Jack Parsons, hence the connection, however thin, to the interests we love and care about here.

Plus it’s got Adam Gorightly talking about some crazy-ass but true freaky history. Enjoy!

From the YouTube of Mandate 33:

“Outside Jet Propulsion Laboratories—at Devil’s Gate Dam in Pasadena—we meet with Adam Gorightly and discuss Jack Whitesides Parsons—rocket sorcerer—his wife Marjorie Cameron—seminal LA-based artist and magickal muse—and L. Ron Hubbard—founder of Scientology.

Adam discusses the Crowley-inspired Babalon Working—spanning Pasadena and the Mojave, tying up all three of them, and possibly the entire 20th century, in a chaotic magic ritual—opening up the floodgates on UFOes and ‘alien’ encounters over the following decades.

Adam describes connections with other contactees/unwitting ritual magicians and their strange ties to Parsons and Cameron—hinting at the supercharged occult network in California at that time.”

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