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RAW vs. Mae Brussell!

The spring 1977 issue of Conspiracy Digest featured an interview with Robert Anton Wilson (RAW) in which he discussed the full spectrum of where his head was at during the period. Fresh off the publication of Illuminatus!, the interview included RAW’s musings on conspiracy theories, space migration, life extension, the Eight Circuit Model and Aleister […]

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Were We Controlled? The Strange Case of A. Edward Horsey

One of the more curious characters (and when I say character, I mean, yeah, this guy was definitely a character) to emerge from the Oswald/Thornley/Garrison rabbit hole was a oddball named A. Edward Horsey, who somehow finagled his way into the fringes of the Garrison Investigation during the same time frame that Kerry Thornley was […]

book greg hill jfk jim garrison kerry thornley lee harvey oswald letters louise lacey photo writings

Was Kerry Thornley CIA?

“If they prove that you are CIA, demand back pay.” —Letter from Discordian Society co-founder Greg Hill to Kerry Thornley dated February 19th, 1968   It’s long been rumored that Kerry Thornley was a CIA agent, a salvo first fired by Jim Garrison in his February 21st, 1968 press release which stated that Thornley was […]

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Recent Interviews and Reviews of ‘Caught in the Crossfire’ & ‘Historia Discordia’

  “Without promotion, something terrible happens… nothing!” —P. T. Barnum, Discordian    Grab your copies now!   Click these glorious covers to buy and become Enlightened! __________________________________ UNDER THE RADAR: Joyous Anarchy Two New Books by Adam Gorightly “In some sense, Thornley comes across as a martyr to the paranoid cosmic indeterminacy that his […]

Discordian Timeline

Items from the Discordian Archives will appear on this historical timeline as they become available…   —1959— Greg Hill – The Complete Art of Collecting Belly-Button Lint   —1960— Apocalypse: A Trade Journal For Doom Prophets   —1961— Recently Discovered Poems by Greg Hill: ‘TO THE HUMAN RACE,’ ‘SYNDROME,’ etc.   —1962— Kerry Thornley and […]

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‘Working Class Hero Magazine’ Interview With Kerry Thornley

Back somewhere in the mid-90s, my pal Matt Lutz of Working Class Hero Magazine conducted this wonderful interview with Kerry Thornley. I’ve lost touch with Matt over the years, but I’m sure he wouldn’t mind us reviving it here. —Adam Gorightly      

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Fred Newcomb, Harold Weisberg, and Photographic Tomfoolery in the Garrison Investigation (Part 00002)

In the first part of this series, I recounted how Harold Weisberg (working on behalf of Jim Garrison’s investigation) hired a California artist named Fred T. Newcomb to touch-up photos of Kerry Thornley to make him more resemble Lee Harvey Oswald. The apparent intent behind this photographic skullduggery was to bolster Garrison’s contention that Thornley […]