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Sex, Drugs, and Discordia

The following article previously appeared in a slightly (chemically altered) form in Psychedelic Press Issue 23. The handful of veiled (or perhaps not-so-veiled) drug references in the Principia Discordia include the ritual of Blessed St. Gulik the Stoned (pages 00027 … Continue reading

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1994 HOAX! Magazine interview with Ken Campbell

The following is an interview of Ken Campbell for HOAX! Magazine dated October 1994 conducted by John C. S. Quel, reprinted with permission. Grab the PDF here.

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Daisy Eris Campbell: Letter from RAW to Ken Campbell

The letter with which my dad received his copy of Cosmic Trigger from Bob himself — Daisy Eris (@DaisyEris) July 15, 2014

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Chasing Eris: The RAW Deal on Illuminatus! ’76/’77

The following is another draft excerpt from my forthcoming book Chasing Eris. The book documents my worldwide adventure to experience modern Discordian culture, meet its personalities, and discover elusive Erisian mysteries. Here’s a hint of what went down in London. … Continue reading

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More on the 1978 Seattle stage production of Illuminatus!

In a recent Historia Discordia post we mentioned the London stage production of Ken Campbell and Chris Langham’s famed Illuminatus! as well as the duo’s lesser known Seattle production. Shortly afterwards, visual artist, psychedelic chronicler and all around multimedia magus … Continue reading

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Kenneth and Daisy Eris: A Campbell Clan Discordian Continuum

On November 23rd, 1976 (which just so happens to be a high holy day in Discordianism, both due to the mystical manifestation of the number 23 and because it’s Harpo Marx’s birthday) an Englishman named Kenneth Campbell premiered a ten-hour … Continue reading

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