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Greg Hill Gets Letters! (Part 00006) #freeticket

A letter to a “Mr. Greg Hill” received in November 1976 from an unknown correspondent containing one free ticket that was not worth anything—it was just free.   Discover Other Postal Erisian Mysteries contained in our Serial-like chapters of Greg … Continue reading

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March 2015 Eris of the Month: How the Goddess Appeared to Me by Remy Porter

Says Remy: I had a little accident with a digital photograph, or should I say instead that a digital photograph had an encounter with Eris? If you look closely, you can see her Golden Apple… you may have to look … Continue reading

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Chart of the Illuminati Conspiracy: Week 56 of Illuminatus! Group Reading

 On page 591 of Illuminatus!, the “chart of the Illuminati conspiracy” (previously displayed on page 97) is referenced in relation to Robert Anton Wilson’s Discordian persona of “Mordecai the Foul” who is included among a group of Primus Illuminatus overseeing … Continue reading

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Semi-Recent Additions to the Discordian Archives: Principia Discordia Editions

Sometimes people send me things here at the Discordian Archives… and sometimes I get around to writing about them. Hence the title “semi-recent” as it’s been several months since I received the items in question—two different versions of Principia Discordia … Continue reading

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Julianne Moore, Agent of Chaos?

Recently we posted about Discordian references in the Big Lebowski, and so it should come as no surprise that Julianne Moore—who portrays Maude Lebowski in the film—shared these Erisian thoughts in a recent interview: “I learned when my mother died … Continue reading

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Greg Hill Gets Letters (Part 00005)

 An Irene Dogmatic postcard to Greg Hill, stamped March 7, 1977.     But wait, there are even more Greg Hill Gets Letters!

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Recent Interviews and Reviews of ‘Caught in the Crossfire’ & ‘Historia Discordia’

  “Without promotion, something terrible happens… nothing!” —P. T. Barnum, Discordian    Grab your copies now!   Click these glorious covers to buy and become Enlightened! __________________________________ UNDER THE RADAR: Joyous Anarchy Two New Books by Adam Gorightly “In … Continue reading

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Kerry Thornley and the ‘Fair Play For Cuba’ Handbills

On August 13, 1962 Kerry Thornley was arrested for “placing advertisements on telephone poles” in the New Orleans French Quarter in violation of a city ordinance, a minor infraction for which he was fined $15. For this egregious offence, the … Continue reading

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